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Well, I’m not sure what happened but apparently July 2020 is over and out. I’ve always found the concept of time and the perception of it to be profoundly weird. With this ongoing pandemic, it has just been more weird than ever. However, that another summer month is coming to an end is a fact. I’ve kept things pretty normal here on TFF with some articles on outfit inspiration, styling tips and how to embrace summer in the best way possible (the fashion and beauty way). Click the images to get to the articles:

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Squared Neckline

Bangs 2020

Folks! Hope you had a magic July! Let’s keep distance, stay safe and enjoy summer in August too Xx

14 thoughts on “Articles of July 2020

  1. You know I always appreciate these roundup posts, especially when I haven’t been able to stop by and read as often as I’d like. I just checked out the first post you’ve shared here on summer glam. You’re so right. We often think of glam when it comes to the holiday seasons, but this summer, there’s been trending details that make for glam statements. As you know, I’m really loving silky pieces for this reason. They’re so luxe and down right beautiful. I’ve also been loving the embellished hair clips. I can’t believe July is over, though I must admit, it did seem like it dragged on. Not necessarily a bad thing because I’m not ready for fall and the colder months. Happy new month and I hope you have a great week, girl!


    1. Right??? I’ve been loving your outfits lately because they’ve been so good with the ‘summer luxe’ vibe. Yeah, July was a weird month indeed. Have a lovely August babe! Xx

  2. How is July already over?! I loved the square neckline article. In fact, after I read it, I went right to my closet to find one of my favorite dresses with that cut. You reminded me that I needed to bring it out!


    1. Ohh that’s great! The neckline is so pretty, definitely wanna see you wear it on the blog! 😉 Xx

  3. Hey Mia!
    As you I don’t know what happened to this month and what is happening to this year, but it was a blink of an eye right?!
    Anyways I love to see your content since fashion is something that is paused in many areas, I love to hear about the trends from your point of view 🙂 !

    1. So true! Time is moving so weird these days. Glad to hear you like my articles, thank you Pablo!! Xx

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