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It’s been quiet here the past days. Another war has started, and this time it’s a direct attack on democracy, freedom and humanity. Although this world is full of military conflicts, present and past, this war threatens the world peace in a way we haven’t seen in decades. And that is terrifying, to say the least. In times like these, fashion becomes secondary, and though it’s nice to focus on other things, maybe some days we do have to focus on what’s going on, reflect and help. 

But at some point, people do continue to go to their jobs, and this website is a job too. And how absurdly it sounds, it feels important to continue with some sense of normality.  They’re never going to take away that freedom. So let’s continue forward, with hope and belief that democracy and freedom always triumph. 

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March has to be better, Xx.

6 thoughts on “Articles of February 2022

  1. I feel the same way. The world is so crazy right now, sometimes I feel like my blog is so insignificant in times like these. But it allows me to focus on something that brings a smile to my face, and don’t we all need that right now? Visiting your blog makes me happy too! 🙂


    1. So true! There’s a fine balance between paying attention to what’s happening but also make sure you remain sane. Time to find a good balance between them too and help with what you can, of course! And thank you Shauna for your sweet comment! Xx

  2. Very well stated. Hoping and praying freedom and democracy will overcome. You had some great articles this month. Loved the print mixing and layering tips!

    1. So so true! The only thing we can do is to remain hopeful and of course help with what we can. Thank you Laura for all support this month! Xx

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