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So February apparently happened and before I even had a chance to catch up with the month and this site, it’s over. Fair enough that it’s the shortest month of the year, but this was just way too crazy. Well well, better hope for March I suppose ;). As the month is coming to an end though, it’s time for an appreciated summary of some of the highlights of February!

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30 thoughts on “Articles of February 2019

  1. February really has gone by SO fast. I need to go back and look at your winter outfits post again–I need some inspiration. This winter feels like it’s never going to end!

    1. Hahah no of course not! I know a lot of people who has it even worse. But yeah, some weeks are more intense than others – especially when you’ve been sick! Xx

  2. Another fabulous month of blog posts from you Mia! Things have been pretty hectic for me lately, but now they’ve calmed down I can spend aaaaaall the time in the world reading your fabulously well-informed fashion posts again! Have a fabulous weekend babe!! 🙂 x

    1. Aww thank you Gabrielle! Again, congratulations on the new job and the move to London – that’s just so exciting. Can’t wait to read all about it! Xx

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