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I always write something about how fast time passes, but I feel like I need to stop doing that as it’s more of a fact than an exception. It feels like this entire year is passing by crazy fast. But at the same time, it feels like it’s been going on forever with the pandemic. Nonetheless, August was such a fun month from a fashion perspective. The last weeks of August and the first weeks of September are great with the transitional fashion. When you can do bare legs but layer up with a sweater and so on. Love to wear outfits like that and love to write articles on the topic! Anyway, here’s a list of some article of August 2020 before we head into September tomorrow (!):

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Folks! Hope you had a great August. Here’s to 1st of September though, let’s make these last months of 2020 as good as possible! Xx

4 thoughts on “Articles of August 2020

  1. Just read the article I missed on transitional pieces and love the idea of adding a knitted piece to satin ones. I’ve done this with a sweater and a pair of satin pants, but look forward to pairing a cozy cardi with a satin cami! I know what you mean, it does feel like time is flying, yet dragging at the same time. I think we’re all pretty much ready for 2020 to end with some hope of a better year ahead in 2021, lol! Happy new week, girl!


    1. That’s great babe! I’m glad you liked the article. Yes to knitted pieces with satin, such a great look. Hahah yeah, let’s hope 2021 will be better. It has to be. Ironic though how many were excited for 2020 because of how chic it looks with the double 20, and this is what we got! Xx

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