Articles of April 2019

Folks! April flew by like crazy, right? I had, as always, so much I wanted to do this month and I feel like I only managed to fix a third, or something like that. Anyways, I know this site hasn’t been updated as much as usual, but that’s only because I’ve been working on some other projects that have been bts-related. I also took some time off for the holidays, because that’s apparently a healthy thing to do, lol! 😉 Anyways, I’m back with a better balance of life for May, so let’s get that month started by wrapping up some articles from April:

Popular Articles

Favorites of Mine

Articles You Can't Miss

Spring Looks 2019

Johanna Ortiz

Folks! Do you have a favorite from the articles of April 2019? Let me know in the comments ! Xx

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