Articles of 2021

And that’s it folks! 2021 is history. Or at least it will be tomorrow. Without getting into the details, this year was a year of growth, and I’m happy to say that the year is ending in the most magical way. As for The Fashion Folks’ 2021, it was a pretty casual year. A lot of focus on styling and trends as usual, with some coverage of the fashion weeks and collection highlights. 2022 will have an even more distinct focus on styling and sustainable fashion, and I’d love to include more fashion history in one way or another. But hey, let’s take that in 2022. As for now, I wish you all the best of everything and that 2022 will be YOUR year, however that’s defined by you. Well, more about that in 2022. Today? Here are some of the best article of 2021!

Articles of 2021

Folks! Happy New Year, and thank you 2021 for all you brought. Let’s go 2022! 

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