Articles of 2020

So there’s nothing I can say about this year that hasn’t already been said or analyzed. What I can say though is that it feels like it’s been going on forever, but at the same time, it passed by in an instant? Crazy how the concept of time can be so dual. Anyway, if you want to read some fun, inspiring, articles to remember 2020 and bring that positive fashion/beauty vibe into 2021, here are some of the most beloved and fun articles of 2020. Click the images to get to the articles!

Year 2020

Folks! I know 2020 was far from what anyone imagined, but let’s hope and let’s try to make 2021 better, although the circumstances are still unfortunate! Xx

8 thoughts on “Articles of 2020

  1. Hey Mia,

    I just want to wish you a happy year and I wish you a good year too for this amazing project, one of the blogs I enjoy the most!

    All the best!

    1. Thank you Pablo! Your words mean the most to me. Thank you for sharing that. Have a lovely 2021! Xx

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