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The festive mood is on point this week folks! So much on point, that sitting in front of the computer feels like the last thing I want to do hehe.  But, I do know that 2019 is ending next week and if there’s one post I’m excited about, it’s to summarize the best articles of 2019! I hope this post will come in perfect timing for those of you who just want to read and relax this week, or get some inspiration going for 2020! I’ll publish some more articles on Friday/this weekend to get the New Year’s mood going, but before that, have a lovely Christmas and stay present, grateful and fashionable! 😉 | Click the images to get to the articles!

16 thoughts on “Articles of 2019

  1. I seriously feel as though your content gets better and better with each season! You share such insightful blog posts and I always leave more inspired than before. Happy holidays! x

  2. Hey Mia,

    It has been a great year in fashion and thanks to your content I enjoyed it a little more…. I have read all of these articles and I love how you always post the most important highlights with the best pictures!

    Wish you a happy holidays and a 2020 full of style


    1. I’m so happy for all your support Pablo! Thank you for all the comments this past year, they mean so much to me! Xx

    1. It is indeed! But hope you’ve had the time to get it together. Thank you for all the comments and support this year! Xx

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