Alexander McQueen Spring 2018

Perhaps a French fashion brand should be up for review as Paris hosted the last fashion week, but I promise I’ll include them in Friday’s summary post! Alexander McQueen Spring 2018 was kind of too good not to get its own review. Also, it adds a good balance to the other collections I’ve reviewed by adding a more edgy and gothic perspective. Here are my thoughts on McQueen’s spring 2018 collection! Catch the full collection here.

Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen is a British fashion brand, founded by the late Lee McQueen. McQueen was born in 1969 and was early praised for his unconventional and provoking style. He was chief designer at Givenchy, but remains remembered for the founding of his own label, Alexander McQueen. The brand in general, and McQueen in specific, are behind so many iconic looks and collections that I’ve lost count. This one with falling florals is one, but also this collection and the skeleton dress. It’s a legacy for the ages. Since McQueen’s passing in 2010, the creative director has been Sarah Burton, his long-time right-handed person. The core of the design remains very much alike the days of McQueen with a balance of goth, romanticism and melancholy mainly being done and explored. The brand is one of the most beloved and celebrated British brands.

Alexander McQueen Spring 2018

The spring collection of the British brand followed the design core of the brand, romantic goth or gothic romanticism if you so may. The looks are rather expressive with a lot of details, contrasting elements and an elevating styling. The colors of pink, red, black and white are matched with leather, lace  and denim. The looks are rather deconstructed with excessive fabric pieces being used as details, as well as 3D flowers, diagonal cuts and mix of different materials. The collection is pending from a 90s street style vibe and 80s statement shoulders.

The romantic goth is mainly a balance between romantic dresses (pink floral lace dress) and a gothic styling (wet hair, dark makeup and black boots). If it weren’t for the contrasting styling, the dresses would easily have added a more cheerful touch to the collection, but in line with the brand’s design core; preppy is always balanced with darkness. Some looks feels a bit biker, playing with the classic leather jacket and dresses. Other looks feels more vampire with red, black, white, lace, corsets and ruffles being mixed all together. The collection is rather eclectic when you pin it down, but remains coherent with the touch of gothic fashion, recurring use of the same elements in different interpretations and also the styling that is same for all looks. Wet and messy hair, dark makeup and heavy boots.

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I’ve said it before and I shall say it again; I love when you can spot a designer by only viewing a look. When the design core is that cemented, yet not boring. Alexander McQueen is one of those brands. The label keeps on exploring new paths and looks but within the context of expressive looks and often on the darker side of life. Alexander McQueen Spring 2018 is no exception. There are deconstructed looks, lace, black, red, white, floral prints, plaid, leather and heavy makeup. All the ingredients you need to create a collection that explores melancholic beauty with an unapologetic edge.

The vision for the collection is more or less present in every other look, which creates a storytelling through the language of fashion and is another aspect I appreciate. It’s fashion magic when designers considerate and purposefully execute a vision. McQueen Spring 2018, with its edge and melancholic style feels like a collection dedicated to the stubborn person who keeps on going with love despite its cracks in the polished surface. Something a deconstructed white lace dress embraces through the language of metaphors. (OBS, this is totally just me projecting the idea onto the collection, which I’m fine by. I want to eat pink cupcakes and cry about life in a look from the collection. Like totally normal, right? Right?!!)

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Highs and Lows

To the highs and lows of the collection, it should be noted that the collection is not overwhelmingly wearable. There are so many gems though, individually for the clothing pieces but also for the styling as a whole. The styling in this look is genius with the balance of romance and edge, same goes for this look. Love the edgy biker dresses, that are quite wearable too (at least when going for the full fashionista look)! This plaid dress is a perfect example on how to successfully revive the 90s street style fashion. This look is another great example of it. It’s modern, but with an edge.

Speaking of modern, this denim jacket needs a round of applause, love the fun twist of the sleeves. For the more glam and dramatic looks of the catwalk, this black gem is drama in a dress. The white one is chic too with the half top style. This look is pretty good too, giving a lingerie vibe which suits the trending style!

The looks I didn’t like mainly comes back to my dislike for the early 00s fashion, which some of the looks argumentatively embraced. This denim history with the floral top is one I’d skip. This one was neither a hit with the somewhat awkward balance of colors, prints and volume. I’d skip the trench coats too, with the deconstructed style. Not too fond of this look either, the silhouette is rather dull and unflattering. The last looks of the show weren’t particularly bad, they felt quite artsy and statement, but not something I’d wear. Can definitely see them on a fun red carpet though, a perfect balance of edge, youthfulness and a touch of preppy. Which, by its definition, sums up the collection pretty well!


Folks! What are your thoughts on Alexander McQueen Spring 2018? Did you like the mix of different styles or would you skip this one? Let’s chat in the comments! Xx

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32 thoughts on “Alexander McQueen Spring 2018

  1. I’ve never really taken a like to gothic styles, a la Marc Jacobs, though it depends. However, I feel that McQueen does it in a way that’s more reflective of my style, at least in this collection; I’d love to wear the plaid look somewhere, though where? Lol! Oh, and let’s talk about that red dress! I love the way it’s styled with those boots and how it can easily look all the more elegant with a pair of classic black pumps!



    1. Hahah right?! I want to wear the plaid looks too, so chic and good! And the red dress is magical, love it! Xx

  2. Hi there, just found out your blog today and the Alexander McQueen post caught my attention!

    Perhaps is one of my favorite brands when it comes to aesthetics and the way to balance fashion between usability and art (romantic, influences from the gothic etc), but I totally agree with you about its wearability!

    All the best and hope to see more similar reviews here, do you have more favorite collections from Paris FW?

    1. Yes! The contrasting elements in the collection is so good, love the balance of sweet and salt. And yes, I shall summarize them tomorrow when I sum up Paris Fashion Week. Come back then! Xx

  3. YESSSS! This collection was fantastic. Though I’d completely wear the last looks at any given chance. Flower covered tulle is my ideal look for living in the country. I thought the mix of styles was great. Variety is the spice of life and all.

  4. I do love the contrast of the feminine, ruffled dresses with more edgy, dark pieces. I totally agree that while the collection may not be wearable for day to day, you totally can take inspiration from the styling–that’s what I love most about looking at designer collections, trying to find new ways to wear what I have or incorporate new trends.

    1. You can definitely draw inspiration from the collection! It’s about catching the vibe huh? Xx

  5. I hear you. I actually went into this knowing that all pieces would not be wearable. Still, I liked some of the pieces, especially the deconstructed lace pieces and the exploded flower look–more for artful aesthetics than anything else. Thanks for always sharing such great posts. <3

    1. Thank you hun, that makes me so happy to hear!! Sending the love right back! And yes, the deconstructed pieces were fun to watch, like a fallen dream or something! Xx

  6. I always try and draw some type of inspiration from designers and their shows. I love the floral organza look in the first photo, and I can certainly see the signature McQueen coming through.
    xo, Whitney and Blaire
    Peaches In A Pod

  7. Your description of the collection as gothic romanticism is absolute perfection – you always find the perfect way to describe collections. I have to admit, I’d probably say ‘skip’ to most of the brand’s looks, though would you just LOOK at that fiery red sheer dress?! Incredible!!

    1. Hahah thank you love, that makes me happy to hear! The red dress is insande though, adore it! Xx

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