Alberta Ferretti Spring 2021

I must say it wasn’t easy to choose one collection from MFW to review. Mainly because the schedule is all over the place, but also because the collections didn’t felt as engaging and captivating as normal. One exception was Alberta Ferretti Spring 2021, that was gorgeous, simple and easy to enjoy. See the full collection here, and don’t forget earlier reviews here. 

Alberta Ferretti Spring 2021

If you take something bohemian and you make it more romantic, minimalist and retro; you’ll have Alberta Ferretti Spring 2021. This laid back collection captured the very idea of how you can go beach life but still keeping it refined. With pastels, romantic blouses, and loose silhouettes being in centre, the collection kind of carried itself. The colors were uncomplicated, the styling, the theme and just the clothes in general. It was just a celebration of great design and contemporary fashion. 

Except the pastels; turquoise, peach and beige was frequent. Some looks were done in all black as well as monochromatic white. Shirts were an important part of the collection, a bit oversized and used in a late 20th century manner. Dresses, both mini and maxi, were frequently featured. Often done a bit more transparent and glam than the shirts, jumpsuits and high-waisted pants that were all for an everyday context. The layered necklaces, belts and fringe bags were important accessories that contributed to the casual beach vibe.  Some looks came with hot pants, which was an unexpected detail of the 1970s. In general, it’s been more common to embrace the bohemian and romantic vibes of the decade, which was also done in this collection, but in a more minimalist, trendy way. Crop tops were also popular, but more done like bikini tops and layered with blazers and shirts. 

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Thoughts On the Collection

I like this collection. It’s simple, it’s uncomplicated. What you see is what you get, kind of. There’s no hidden messages or complicated ways to style things, it’s just to embrace the romantic summer dream with the sheer fabrics, the pastels, the drapings and the maxi dresses. I love the choice of colors too, feeling both refreshing and nostalgic at the same time. This fitted mint blue dress feels like a nod to the 90s supermodel era and this peachy maxi is transparent and 70s.

I also like how wearable this collection is. Like yes, this blouse might be a lot with the color and the volume, but will work nicely with a pair of jeans or white pants. This casual, knitted, sweater with the oversize pants is another look with a high level of wearability and timelessness. This white jumpsuit also has that every day (but chic) vibe to it. Perhaps the best looks of the collection though, are the dresses. There are just so many gorgeous dresses, that are simple, elegant and sophisticated. The best thing is that they require little to no styling. This pale yellow dress is an example of this. Gorgeous balance of the spacious sleeves and the mini length. This purple is another dream, as well as this white dress. I can definitely see this being worn for a dinner out a warm summer night, with some gladiator sandals or refined slippers. This maxi white dress is also gorgeous, and I’m crushing big time on the simple V-neckline of this black dress so chic! 

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The collection is perhaps not that consistent in all the looks, with some few details feeling a bit outdated. This outfit is a combination this, where the styling fails to translate the clothes to a 2021 vibe. Another example is this outfit, with a very trendy top paired with a skirt, that unfortunately doesn’t match the upbeat vibe. I’m not too sure about this styling either. It feels like it was done 15 years ago, and although we can see how that early 00s fashion is coming back, I don’t think it’s going to be about statement belts with mini skirts and tank tops. Been there done that, let’s not go back to it. Overall though, this collection has a beautiful color scale. The clothes are easy to like and I can definitely see them be worn by actual people the upcoming season. Delicate dresses with gladiator sandals and bohemian accessories? Sign me up! 

Folks! What are your thoughts on Alberta Ferretti Spring 2021? Let me know in the comments below! And, have a lovely first weekend of October! Xx

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