Alberta Ferretti Fall 2018 – Milan Fashion Week

Folks! I know I’ve done a review of Alberta Ferretti earlier, but I’m away for most of the week and didn’t have time to wait for more collections when I was about to write this review. This was the one that speaked to me the most, which is why I’m reviewing the brand again! So, why did I like it? Well, the color combinations are pure perfection! Here’s Alberta Ferretti Fall 2018 (catch the full collection here): 

Alberta Ferretti February 2018 - Milan Fashion Week

Photo by Joseph Pearson on Unsplash

Alberta Ferretti Fall 2018

This collection might not be Ferretti’s regular one of romance and romantic details, but a step towards an aesthetic with more attitude and fire. Quite a lot of black, metallic, earthy shades and sharp cuts. Definitely some subtle 80s elements with the denim, leather and oversized silhouette! Kind of creating an YSL vibe, or the one they went for a couple a years ago mixing some 80s with bohemian and rock. Some looks feels a bit Cowboy too with the shirts, hats and the belts! The color scale, except the black and silver metallic, included purple, green, camel and dove blue too. The colors were balanced with fall clothes of capes, coats, boots, scarves and hats! Quite a lot of emphasis on the upper body in true 80s spirit with either the shoulder pads, excessive fabric or volume added by ruffles or draping. With that said, the silhouette of the inverted triangle was heavily present! Belts, gloves, hats and necklaces were important accessories. Especially the belts that helped to balance the oversized clothes and enhance the waist/hips.  

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Thoughts on the collection

I wouldn’t say that I love this collection, but I will say that I love the elements in the collection or certain clothes. I think there are five things in specific that are great. The first thing is the layering of clothes, which is done in a chic way in this look and this look. Love the contrasting of the colors and materials done in the looks, I mean, that’s what fall fashion is about. The second thing with the collection that I adore are the color combinations. Magic balance of camel, copper, beige, olive green and moss green shade in this outfit. Fierce and bold mix of red, purple and blue in this look. Gorgeous combo of dove blue and plum purple in this creation. As you all know, I love the color combinations and talked about some for spring in this article.

The third thing I enjoyed about this collection is the wearable 80s style. It’s not over the top, not under-represented but has a good balance of some subtle references. Love that the shoulders are statement enough to empower but not enough to go crazy. This look shows this in a chic way and love this metallic dress. The fourth thing about this collection that follows the same path are the pops of metallics. Great way to contrast all the dark colors and sleepy shades of fall. Just look at the metallic belt in this outfit or the metallic print in this outfit. Favorably done! The fifth thing I appreciate in the collection is the wearability. It’s fashion, but it’s approachable and relatable. It’s the classic cape but with the fun twist of the stripes. It’s the black jumpsuit but with the nice neckline and metallic shoes. It’s a lovely midi dress in a gorgeous green color  with cute ruffles! These looks are simple, but are slightly expanding the comfort zone with the statement choices.

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What fails to make the collection a full hit (is it ever that in my world? Probably not), comes down to the styling. I don’t think the necklace nor the gloves are needed in this outfit, would be more fun if they were done in different shades of blue. I think this white t-shirt is too sharp with the rest of the outfit, a pale camel would work better as a contrast. The knee-high boots are perhaps done too often with the midi skirts, creating quite the heavy concentration point in the outfit which is often something to avoid. Like in this outfit or in the outfit with the white t-shirt – adding subtle shoes to the outfit would work better. Another thing is that this collection is quite wearable and overall likeable which also makes it rather forgettable. It’s a difficult balance too keep, but I know I won’t remember this collection more than the color combinations. I mean, this green dress and this metallic one – nothing specifically wrong with them but nothing specifically right either.

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To sum this one up though, I do enjoy the elements used in the collection, but it somewhat fails to put them together in a fashionable way. But some looks are of course serving a great dose of inspiration and if this is a hint of what the fall fashion will look like – I shall look forward to a fall of slightly awkward color combinations, contrasts of materials and some subtle embracement of the 80s empowerment (ehrm, done in the subtle way). 


Folks! What are your thoughts on Alberta Ferretti Fall 2018? Do you think it’s wearable or not? Let’s chat in the comments! Xx

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46 thoughts on “Alberta Ferretti Fall 2018 – Milan Fashion Week

  1. I could see some pieces definitely being wearable, and then others just…not. The styling was particularly interesting, too, I see what you mean about that outfit not needing the gloves or a necklace. I’m always impressed with the creativity and glam factor behind collections like this, but don’t find myself drawn to the specific pieces. Always love reading your take on them!

    Kathryn •

    1. Yes, sometimes the styling game wasn’t that good, though it was genius at other times. Thank you Kathryn, glad you like what I write! Xx

  2. So much different than the romantic looks Alberta Ferretti got us used to, but I still believe the collection was pretty good. Loved the colors used in the new line and the jackets were divine. Hope you are having a great day. xx


    1. True though, but still quite wearable and some signs of Ferretti’s game! Xx

  3. I love this recap. The western vibes are strong in quite a few looks, but in a modern way, which makes it so wearable for so many. I love the streamlined looks and the occasional bold pop of colour between the black and metallic pieces are so refreshing. I always love the idea of a cape coat but even though I own one I absolutely adore, I hardly get to wear it where I live now. Here’s hoping for some cooler weather this coming Fall!


    1. Haha yes, I know you’d work the capes in the most fierce way so hope you’ll be able to do that this fall! Xx

  4. I’m not one to gravitate towards acid wash, BUT that studded denim jacket is everything I need! I also appreciate the styling, which was, as you said, perfectly balanced in texture and color. I truly appreciate when stylists have a unique and bold approach to color pairing. The use of green and dove blue, in particular, really speak to me, as I feel they can be quite difficult to style. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, gorgeous, and I hope you have a wonderful week!



    1. Same here! I like when stylists dare to step up the game and by doing so enhancing the pieces and what the fashion looks like. Thank you love! Xx

    1. Parts of it were lovely and others were not that good according to me! Xx

  5. Great review Mia! I can definitely see how this collection isn’t for everyone. I actually thought it was charming. It’s VERY 80’s, and I was tickled over some of the looks and individual pieces. I was looking at the collection while with my parents, and my mom was talking about all the things she wore as a teenager that appeared in the collection. Those hats are iconic though. I need one ASAP!

    1. Thank you Amber! Haha that’s so cool though and the ultimate sign that fashion comes in circles! Xx

  6. I do agree that I could take or leave all the 80s stuff, but yes to those gorgeous, rich colors! that is definitely my favorite thing about this collection.

  7. Wearable for sure! Agreed that the color combinations are wonky, but I am loving the hint of metallic in the mix. I’m not a huge fan of 80s style – it looks like I may not have a choice come this fall 😉 I’m hoping the boxy shoulder area will grow on me. Have fun during your time away, babe! xx

    1. With your love for office wear I’m sure the shoulders will be embraced by you one day!! Xx

  8. Hi there!
    I do not know much about Alberta Ferreti, but I’ve noticed that lately her designs have been brazenly copied by many low-cost firms, so she’s a designer that we have to keep an eye on. I bet many of her ideas will be worn in the streets in the upcoming months!

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