Alberta Ferretti Fall 2016 Couture Collection

Okey, we know we’re running late on this one, like three weeks late or something. But if designers can put months into a collection, we can highlight and appreciate it for some time after! Folks, how about Alberta Ferretti Fall 2016 Couture Collection?


Alberta Ferretti (b.1950) is an italian fashion designer with her own fashion house. She’s been in the business since the late 1960’s and has worked herself up to the top. The fashion brand might not be one of the classic or most well-known in the fashion world, but with collections since the 1970’s, she’s beloved by many. Ferretti is new in the couture world, and her Alberta Ferretti 2016 Limited Edition Collection is not a thorough haute couture collection, but close enough. The collection was displayed in Paris (of course) on 3rd of July.

Style of the collection

Ferretti’s style is often rather flowy, feminine and close to nature. Her limited edition collection was no exception, and did some heavy time travelling whilst exploring the feminine nature of nature. Ferretti went from 1920’s fringe dresses to a touch of 1930’s evening gowns. She said hello to the 1970’s through maxi dresses and their vibrant patterns. Also, she flirted with the nature through some sea life details. The colors in center were silver, white, gold, black, and five shades of ocean blue and green. A lot of fringe, some decoration, and some flowy fabric. It was ocean life, history and elegance all in one.

Overall Conclusion

We like when collections have an obvious theme (storytelling that is, hello cliché). For the most part, it followed the core of Ferretti’s aesthetic with subtle and natural femininity and also the theme for the collection. Perhaps the white and gold mermaid skirts felt more Las Vegas fashion gone wrong than luxurious couture. And starting a collection in 1920’s glam and continue it through the energetic 1970’s and taking it to the bottom of the sea, might not be the most obvious connection. But it worked. The colors of the 1970’s was used for some sea looks, where the colors weren’t used, details from the ocean met with the glam of the 1920’s. So perhaps we didn’t adore everything, but we liked it for its individual pieces and vision. It was a lovely cup of tea. 

Folks, what are your thoughts on the Alberta Ferretti Fall 2016 Couture Collection?


100 thoughts on “Alberta Ferretti Fall 2016 Couture Collection

  1. This definitely is an interesting collection. It doesn’t seem like it should work but you’re right, it totally does. The nude dress Sara Sampaio wore is absolutely stunning.

  2. Alberta Ferretti’s Fall 2016 collection is quite a stunning one collectively, of course there are a few that I could actually see myself wearing, not all, but love all the marvellous embellished details. Love the gowns. <3

  3. I love Alberta Ferretti! Admittedly I didn’t know much about her but I used to watch her collections on the computer streaming them live. When I went into the luxury stores I’d seek out some of her pieces and see them in person. Lovely post.


  4. Oh my goodness. These dresses are stunning. They look like something from a fairytale. I love them!

  5. Like you, there are some aspects I love and others I like less. However overall, there is SO much to admire, and especially so when it comes to heavy embellishment 🙂

  6. This is a gorgeous collection! I love all the metallics and the mix of textures. Also love the 20s influence!

  7. I’m not familiar with Alberta Ferretti, so I really enjoyed being introduced to her line and couture collection with this post! Generally speaking, couture pieces are gorgeous works of art, but very often impractical to wear, though I’m not sure it’s the main objective? However, much of her pieces seem to be practical for special occasions, making it very relatable to the everyday fashion enthusiast, like myself! Thanks again for sharing and I hope you’re having the best start to your Monday!



    1. That’s lovely, welcome to the fanbase haha! They are indeed more a matter of pretty than a matter of wearable. But that’s the beauty of it too! It’s something beautiful with giving the body to a piece of work and shine along it! And her pieces looks more comfy than other couture pieces, so that’s lovely! Xx

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