How To Add Summer To Your Fall Style

So the summer months might be done and I do realize that the majority is not as excited about the existence of fall as I am. I did though talk about some of the next year summer trends and thought we could continue down the sunshine path today as well. Don’t worry though, I shall be back with the melancholic fall mood tomorrow. The same way I gave tips on how to add fall to your summer style in this post, here’s how to add summer to your fall style!

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Add Summer To Your Fall Style

Summer prints

For starters, the summer fashion is filled with prints and bold colors. This makes them ultimate for fall fashion as they add some light and contrast the heavy style of fall fashion. All the bright and popping floral prints from summer can be matched with fall colors. A lot comes back to pairing prints with colors that are similar, if not same. If you’re working a pink/orange/green combination, match the green with a fall green to make the transition look natural. You can also go for a full fall outfit and let one summer piece or accessory be in the spotlight. To give you some ideas on what summer prints to work: bright floral prints will always do, stripes are never not classic, tropical prints will add the resort vibe and the paisley prints are quite boho. 

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Summer colors

An even easier step is to go for summer colors. I did this post back in june on how the fall colors matches the summer colors. Same goes (obviously) the other way around. Take your cute and preppy pastel shades and match them with their darker counterparts aka fall colors. If you’re unsure about going for a full color combo outfit, add a neutral piece (black, grey, white etc) to break off the “tension”. You can also go for the darker color as the bottom piece and the lighter shade as the top. If you think about it, the darker shades are more common for pants than what the lighter shades are, which makes the transition even easier! 

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Summer clothes

One important fashion rule is to break the rules. So put aside the idea of not wearing white or lace or whatever after a certain date. Go for your off shoulder top or peplum in a blush shade and sheer fabric. It’s okey that it clashes with the fall clothes, it’s a great contrast. I’m sure that you, like me, have your favorite summer pieces. These can be worn during fall too, just requires a bit more thought. Perhaps that lace top needs a top under? That’s a great opportunity to layer! Perhaps your slip dress needs a shirt under or your midi dress a pair of boots? Dare to go for the layers I say! 


Folks! What are your thoughts on how to add summer to your fall style? A way to embrace some rays of sunshine or do you keep it seasonal? Let me know in the comments and have a lovely week of fall, or summer or fall summer! Xx

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62 thoughts on “How To Add Summer To Your Fall Style

  1. Though I like to keep it seasonal most of the time, a little injection of Summer here and there is nice. I love wearing Summer colors in Autumn every once in awhile. The contrast is fun. I suppose I wear Summer clothes as well. I agree: dare to layer!

    1. An injection is what it should be! Just to contrast the look a bit. And yes, dare to layer! Xx

  2. These are great ideas for adding a little summer to your fall style. I always forget that you can still wear colors during this time of year! I want to incorporate more emerald greens into my closet!


    1. Hahah oh no, but fall will reach you too soon and I know you’ll bring the fierce layers then! Xx

    1. That’s so true though and a great way to multiuse clothes. Just keep ’em going through the season! Xx

  3. I actually love the look of summer pieces in the fall, it’s just a cute way to transition while still enjoying some colour and your favourite summer items before you officially put them away for winter. I’ve totally still been wearing some of my summer dresses until now with some boots and a jacket <3

    1. Oh I love that! It’s a great way of extending the summer indeed. And love a good summer dress with a more edgy jacket, so chic! Xx

  4. These are some of my favorite ways to extend the wear of my summer pieces into the fall! Pairing them with darker, even more saturated fall colors can make such a difference to the mood of the outfit, making it more seasonably appropriate. Thanks for sharing, girlie, and I hope you have the most amazing week ahead!



    1. That’s so good Jalisa! Love to balance the bright shades with darker, it adds a nice season touch as you said! Xx

  5. Babe, I am determined to make the most of my summer wardrobe to spare my pocket and also resist the moody weather for a bit longer, so that’s my favourite tip! Also mixing typically-summer colours with fall pieces, imagination for the win! Happy week Mia Xx

    Saida | She talks Glam

    1. That’s the way to do it Saida!! And so true, love to expand the fashion horizon and see new combinations. Same to you hun! Xx

  6. I love the idea of adding summer colours to fall style. I usually mix the colours and I also wear florals in fall, a lovely floral long sleeve dress paired with a cardigan is perfect! x


    1. Oh that sounds like a lovely fall outfit, love to mix fall elements with summer clothes! Xx

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