9 Fashion Don’ts Spring Edition 2017

I don’t believe in fashion rules and neither should you. But every now and then it’s good to refresh the memory and chat a bit about what’s generally a good idea or not. Do keep in mind though that rules are meant to be broken, so read this post and then forget what I said. Okey? Okey! Here are 9 Fashion Don’ts Spring Edition 2017

1. Not mix light and heavy materials

I don’t know how many outfits I see where typical winter materials are layered. Or sheer fabrics layered endlessly. If you get easily cold or warm – of course. Otherwise, try to mix up lighter and heavier fabrics to get a balanced look for the transitional season. Like, go for a sheer blouse, layer it with a knitted vest and add a lighter jacket. This will make a nice spring transition and also solve the problem being dressed too cold in the morning or too hot in the afternoon. It’s just to remove a piece as the day goes on! Learn to balance.

2. Not dare lighter shades

Another fashion no in spring terms is to only pull of the darker shades. Even though all black is effortlessly chic, brighter shades as white, bright grey, blush or any other wearable bright “color” is much more fresh. You’ll feel lighter, you look more spring ready and bright shades puts you in a spring mood. Mix up the darker outfits with some pops of bright shades or colors!

3. Follow all the trends

To follow all trends is always a big fashion no as it’s the worst thing you can do to your own style. Skip the trends you don’t like or don’t feel comfortable in. If you want to learn to love the new trends, go for it, but if you’re not sure – it’s more than okay to skip the trends you don’t like. Why not set a new trend yourself or wear something that embraces your own style even further?

4. Wear a winter jacket

I get why some still cozy up in winter jackets, but I think layers with lighter jackets is a better option if one aims to embrace spring. Winter jackets are cozy, but spring jackets comes with so many alternatives as bomber jackets, leather jackets and trench coats. Pick a colorful one and go for the spring vibes!

5. Not change the clothes in your wardrobe

This is not about buying new clothes for the season, but I’m pretty sure that many of us have different clothes for spring/fall. So time to put the heavy fall/winter clothes away and embrace the most colorful pieces you have. It’s kind of a closet revival, which often leads to new inspiration and love for your clothes. Perhaps that floral midi dress you haven’t worn since September? Well, it’s time to work it again!

6. Remain stuck in the winter fashion rut

Winter fashion to many is often equal with lack of inspiration and an urge to dress comfortably rather than fashionably (I get that completely and can be quite guilty of it). But time to get out of the heavy layers of clothes and feel inspired by the happy mood spring fashion is. Read a full post here on how to get out of a fashion rut!

7. Not wearing accessories

Accessories are another feature that are fun to do with spring fashion. They are perfect for the season as it’s not too hot for them, nor too cold. Sunnies, chic hats or light scarves? Perfect details to add to your look and give it some excitement. Same goes with cute jewelries like necklaces, bracelets or rings. Layer up folks!

8. Not changing shoes

I love my boots and I do wear them all year around. BUT I’m equally excited to go for spring/summer shoes. Like bright colored sneakers, flats, mules, ballerinas or open heels. Your feet will appreciate the gesture and so will your clothes that have “new” things to be matched too. A statement heel can change and elevate an outfit completely. Not convinced? Read more here!

9. Fearing colors and prints

Not everyone are colorful people, nor fans of prints, but I do believe that there are some colors/prints that will suit you indeed. It might be subtle colors as pastels or dove colors as blush or dove blue. Perhaps a classic red or a bright orange? Find your colors and work them. As said above, it’ll put you in a spring mood. Same goes with prints. Prints are a perfect way of going fashionable for spring with the endless amount of fashionable dresses and jumpsuits in chic prints.

Folks! Which are your favorites of the fashion dont’s spring edition 2017? Drop a comment! Xx

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46 thoughts on “9 Fashion Don’ts Spring Edition 2017

  1. Love this post babe, as it brings out exactly my thoughts: I could re-organize my closet and shop for new spring pieces all day errday right now 😀 hahaha!
    No seriously, I think there is so much refreshing about organizing my closet, not wearing those heavy jackets and sweaters any more..and finally being able to wear loafers & slippers 🙂

    Wishing you great easter holidays dear ♥


    1. Hahah right?! Me too, hahah but well well, I have some gems I haven’t used in awhile! Xx

  2. Allora io odio il cambio armadio, ma è davvero una rinascita!
    una volta finito, avere tra le mani quei colori, quei tessuti più leggeri mette davvero tanta allegria.

  3. I’m so bad for not accessorising! And they can really make a outfit. Ill definitly have to try a bit harder to remember.
    Kate xx


    1. That’s lovely! I love to learn the rules and the know how to break them! Xx

  4. Oh I totally agree with those points, especially number 3. You should just follow those trends which you really like and not wear something because others do. Also I think it’s so important to always style those trends in your own way 🙂
    Have a great week dear <3
    xx, Carmen – http://www.carmitive.com

    1. So true, only go for the trends you love and style them after your own style! Xx

  5. I definitely need to listen to your advice and embrace my colors and prints. I admit that I continuously gravitate towards solid and neutral colors, although blush and pink is a neutral to me now. I do hope to embrace some yellows and greens this upcoming Spring (actually just bought a green jacket). I also feel that I’m still in the Winter comfort stage. It’s still so cold over here and I’m waiting for the weather to actually feel like spring before I decide to bare my legs and feet. Come on Spring weather, get with the fashion program!

    Rina Samantha

  6. Haha, “read this post and then forget what I said.” Too funny, girl! I love all the tips and points you’ve brought up here. When it comes to layering, I think it does make much more sense when layering different fabrics, starting with lighter and ending with heavier for this transitional time. It’ll ensure you’re comfortable throughout the day, as you’ve mentioned. Plus, it just prevents the outfit from appearing bulky. Yes to swapping out the dark for the light! I mean, there’s nothing wrong with wearing black during the spring and summer, but as you’ve mentioned, I think it’s great when you add in some color or substitute it in your entire outfit, you really do feel lighter and more refreshed. Plus, black really does retain the heat, so sometimes it’s just not practical. Thanks for sharing, beautiful, and I hope you’re having a great day so far!



  7. You know, it’s funny that you make a comment about boots, as this summer season it is actually a huge trend! Think all the biggest fashion houses – Fendi, Saint Laurant, Versace etc.! All are including boots in their collections.

    I also agree. I think that fashion for many of us is so enjoyable as it is one of the only outlets that has no rules 🙂 Loved your post

    Adrianna | http://mimamochi.com/

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