7 Beauty Hacks That Will Change Your Beauty Game

Folks! It’s Friday and it’s time for some brainy beauty hacks that will definitely change your beauty game. Or hopefully they will! Some of them also have links to posts where you can get even more information and all the details!

7 Beauty Hacks That Will Change Your Beauty Game | The Fashion Folks

Coconut oil for shaving:

Some of us never shaves our legs, some of us do it after season and others always do it. If you shave your legs, but is constantly out of shaving gel, or wants a more organic alternative, the answer is coconut oil. Yes, I know, all I do is talking about it, but coconut oil works for everything! And it’s actually more than just shaving. It works as a moisturizer too. So apply a generous amount on your legs next time you’re about to shave. And remember to remove it with a towel, as coconut oil gets solid when it’s cold (= you don’t want it clogging the drains). Also, more hacks that will definitely convince you to invest in a jar of coconut oil:

Get your lipstick to last:

I’ve already written about it here. But here’s another trick for you that will do: use a lip pen. That’s right, use a lip pen the same way you use a primer. Apply the lip pen over your lips and then do the lipstick. It gives something for the lipstick to hold onto.  The lip pen doesn’t necessarily need to be in a matching color as it’ll be covered however. If you want to create a ombre effect though, do one that’s a bit darker.

Voluminous hair overnight:

You know in all those Hollywood movies where people wake up with makeup and impeccable hair? Well sleeping with makeup is an obvious no-no, but waking up with gorgeous hair is a go-go! And no, you don’t have to spend hours curling it before bedtime. The only thing you have to do is braiding your hair loosely, put it up in a bun and sleep in it. In the morning you pull the hair out and voíla! It’s perhaps not perfect Hollywood hair, but it’s voluminous hair with some waves. Be sure to shake the hair lightly with your hands to get the ultimate volume. And do add salt spray or hairspray if you want them to last for the entire day!

Bigger eyes:

Here’s the full post of this beauty hack. But ultimately the quick way of doing this is by applying a bright eyeliner on your waterline. A white one to match the color of the eyes or another bright color to make them pop. Easy, quick and foolproof for anyone that’s running out of time. Perhaps match it with a heavy liner over the lids? There’s just something with heavy eyes and fall! 

Foolproof Manicure:

The rubber band will be your friend! After you’ve done the basic layer, put a rubber band on the tip of the nail and paint the tip in whatever color you desire. I know that light pink and white are the most traditional ones to combine. As always though, do consider to go a step bolder and dothe nails in a crazy color combo. The 1980s are kind of trendy at least. Or why not do in a bold fall color combo? Like burgundy and pink? The amount of different nail polishes you have is the limit (lol).

Natural dry shampoo

We all know the dilemma, you’re running out of time and your hair hasn’t been washed in days. Alternatives? Wash your hair and deal with wet hair, or don’t wash it and walk around looking…not that fresh. But in late years, the answer to this problem has been dry shampoo. And as much as dry shampoo works and is quite the solution, it’s not always that one has a bottle at home. And let’s face it, dry shampoo is often full of weird ingredients which is not always favorable to apply on the hair. SO, another solution is natural dry shampoo. Which is cheap, easy and natural; flour or cocoa works perfectly fine as dry shampoo. As you want to neutralize the oily hair, dry ingredients will do! Depending on your hair/skin-color flour or cocoa is the solution. Just add less than a teaspoon on your scalp and comb it with a brush.

Multifunctional Blush

In July I wrote about different ways one can use the bronzer. The fall version of this one is using blush in different ways. Not only for the cheeks, but also as eyeshadow. The thing about makeup is that it often comes with ideas that: “this one should be used for eyebrows only”. But you know what? Makeup has several areas where it can apply. And using blush as eyeshadow is just one of them. You can also apply some on your lips, or why not contour with it, if its matte? Use your imagination folks!

And that were 7 beauty hacks that hopefully will help your life. Do you have a hack you’d like to add to the list? Leave a comment below!

66 thoughts on “7 Beauty Hacks That Will Change Your Beauty Game

  1. I am speechless with all these wonderful beauty hacks you shared! And I really enjoy learning always something new on your blog! If only I knew the coconut oil trick for shaving all these years before I did the laser! And thanks for reminding me that I really need to invest again in one of these! The one I am doing a lot is wearing bronzer as an eye shadow, it suits really great and looks natural and dewy!
    Thanks for sharing your amazing tips once again, and hope you have a wonderful week!

  2. I’ve been using the lip pencil as a primer for a long time, and yes indeed, the lipstick lasts longer that way. It was really nice to find out about the natural dry shampoo, will definitely try that one and the coconut oil trick as well. Have a lovely day! x


  3. I struggle with getting any lipstick to last for longer than 2-3 hours and so I’ll definitely give your tip a go – especially a darker pen so to create an ombre effect! Also, I’ve always really loved the two-tone nail trend, it can look so gorgeous (the black/blue combo you’ve shared a snap of is flawless!).


  4. I love all your beauty style hacks babe! My hair is definitely a hit or miss when I braid it and take it out the next day but generally it can give me a bit of curl and it really helps if I add mousse so it doesn’t go frizzy on me! I’ve never thought of coconut oil for shaving but I can imagine how soft your legs would feel after!

    xoxo Rina

  5. Thanks for sharing! Coconut oil seems to work for everything. I have tried the lip liner one, and it does work so well. I usually use baby powder when needed for dry shampoo. Those nails look great!

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  6. Wow, these are all such great tips, all of which I’ll have to try, they’re so practical! I sometimes braid my hair before bed, but have never done it in a bun before, I’ll definitely be trying this out! Also, how genius is that rubber band hack!? It’s so funny because back in middle school, I used to do the perfect French mani that everyone would ask me where I went to get them done and I guess since I haven’t done it in years, I’m terrible at making them even and not clumpy! Thanks so much for sharing, I’ll definitely be pining this! I hope you have the best weekend ahead, gorgeous girlie!



    1. Thank you love, I hope you’ll find them helpful and thank you for the pin! You must have been crazy good lady! I still struggle to paint my nails as they are haha, so being able to pull off french manicure at such a young age: hands down for you! Xx


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