5 Wearable Street Style Looks And Why They Work

We all know by now that the street style  is equally fun as the fashion shows during fashion week. If not only for the fun inspiration, but also the looks that are easy to recreate yourself. Even though I think that street style is at its best when weird pieces of statement are styled in a wearable way, I thought I’d pin down some looks that can be done with your wardrobe. Cause let’s face, many of us don’t own unique couture pieces or random clothes that have been given to us from designers. So here we go 5 wearable street style looks! And oh, see the slideshows for more details!

5 Wearable Street Style Looks And Why They Work + outfit inspiration from the fashion weeks | The Fashion Folks

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Denim On Denim

Many people believe that denim on denim is pulled of best when done in different shades. I partly agree with that, yes, but I also love denim on denim in almost the exact same shade. As done below. The denim in this look in specific has a funky 1980s vibe to it. This is balanced with the delicate blouse under, as well as the velvet bag. The bag, the shoes and the sunnies ties the details together with the dark color. Note that both the shoes and the bag is in velvet which is a nice complement to the monochrome matching of denim. A trendy, wearable, outfit that works perfect for spring!

Pulling of Print

Folks! If you have a jumpsuit in print, this is how to pull it off. I know it’s easy to choose a one colored bag to neutralize the outfit. But if you want to take the fashion level one step higher, you pick a bag that lifts it higher. In this case it’s done with a three colored bag, where all the colors are reflected in the print. You see the white as well as the blue and burgundy. It’s a great way to make the colors pop even better. Also though: remaining refined in the overall impression by connecting the colors to each other. So don’t be afraid to match your black and white bag to a black and white print. Or even better, a colorful one to a colorful one!

Classic with a twist

This outfit is not only simple, classic and fierce but quite the genius one as well. The focus on black is balanced with pops of white. For instance, the white sunnies, the pockets, the shoes and the bag as well. The length of the dress (right above the knees) in combination with the patent leather and shoes in the same shade, make the legs look loooong. Another twist in the outfit is the hat. Without the hat this look would probably pass as “just a chic outfit”, but the hat is the cherry on top. It keeps the outfit cohesive in terms of black and it underlines the classy feeling. Don’t underestimate the power of a good hat! 

Pretty for spring

Now this is a great example of how to pull of colors together. First, the shoes are the centre for this look. They consist of yellow, pink and mint green (see the slideshow). From the shoes, the outfit is built around pink and yellow with a pop of blue. The matching of pink to pink for the top frames the upper body lovely. The yellow gives a warm impression. The pink and yellow are both quite dove, so the pop of blue intensifies the colors in the outfit and removes any risk of the outfit feeling sleepy. If the bag was in the color of mint green, the look would come off as too matchy matchy. Often something you want to avoid. Colors for spring it is!

Monochrome for life

Another monochrome look, because it is that good. The top is tucked into the pants, which adds some silhouette. The long vest frames the outfit and adds some flow. The flow of the pants, the vest and also the wrinkles of the top gives life to the look and movement. Something that’s key in the art of pulling off monochrome. The black bag, shoes and sunnies makes a nice contrast and also underlines the unity in the outfit. The length of the outfit is balanced with the pieces being quite narrow, which keeps the silhouette in place. Folks, if you’re only going to try one new look this spring, may it be monochrome!

Hope you found some inspiration from these wearable street style looks. Your favorite? Drop a comment below! Xx

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46 thoughts on “5 Wearable Street Style Looks And Why They Work

  1. This is really nice. I never thought of outfits being to matchy. I guess its good I will definitely try it out one day

  2. Love the idea of these looks, denim on denim is something that I’ve been afraid to try, but I might just take the plunge soon 🙂 xx


  3. Oooh, I’ve definitely found inspiration in these looks! Matching prints are definitely appealing to me more and more, and I’m so glad double denim is still an acceptable thing. I never want the Canadian tuxedo to die.

    Amber – amberelb.com

  4. I love this post because it encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone. I usually think that what I am wearing is “too much” and I tend to tone it down a lot. Thank you for sharing!

  5. Funny you mention the denim on denim, I know it’s not a new thing at all but here in my city we call this the “Canadian tuxedo” (google it lol). Every time I’ve worn this style I’ve been pointed at, but well I think it looks cool!

  6. These are all such fantastic looks and I love how you’ve dissected them, explaining how they’re practical enough to be recreated long after Fashion Week! I love the play on different textures and bold colors and patterns in these looks, definitely my style. I, too, love the look of denim on denim done with similar rinses because it gives the vibe of a monochrome pairing in an unlikely fabric, as well as a suited look. I love how she added in different texture, the blue velvet kept the look monochrome, but not flat and dated. I’ve never tried wearing paten leather tights before, but I love the look of it paired with leather pumps, it creates the illusion of sky high boots, I love it! Oh, and of course, I absolutely adore the pastel look and with her completion even more so, how gorgeous! Thanks for sharing sharing, girlie, and I hope you’re having a great day so far!



    1. Haha oh yes, they’re so wearable though?! Love that mix too, denim on denim and velvet is such a contrast but a great combination. And I want a pair of patent leather tights are that outfit, haha how good though? She’s pulling them off so good! Xx


  7. Excellent selection! Each style looks great. But the style of denim is present in the wardrobe of every modern woman. Denim conquered the world of women 🙂

  8. You have no idea just how much I love monochrome – I feel like I’m always gravitating towards it; it’s just so easy!


    P.S. Oh yeah, in terms of nail colors we’re both doing great on the spring front! 😛 I just can’t stop with the dark shades!

  9. These are really wearable street styles. When I see some of the styles people put up, it is just no go for me 🙂 There’s no need to go too extreme just to show off! I like monochrome outfits, but I must say I really like pretty for spring, especially those shoes… they are gorgeous! x

    Ela BellaWorld

    1. I do like when outfits are statement, a bit over the top and more of art than fashion. But yes, the reality is that inspiration that is more wearable is probably what will last in the long run. The shoes are so pretty indeed! Love them! Xx


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