5 Ways to Wear Your Leather Pants

I think leather pants are a great clothing piece. I know some people shy away from them, because they don’t know how to style them, but just treat them like regular pants and you’re good to go; honestly. Here are 5 way you can style your leather pants 2021:

Leather Pants 2021

With a Blouse

There’s something really fashionable about a blouse and a leather pants combo. Especially if your blouse is one the more preppy side, with lace/puff sleeves/tulle etc. You’ll have a very glam contrast with leather pants. Make it even more glam with some heels or go more basic with some flats!

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With Sneakers

Speaking of making leather pants casual though, work them with your sneakers. If you own some colorful sneakers, or in another style of statement, work them with your leather pants. Perfect to work with a puff blouse as above, or with a denim jacket for a casual look. Just a basic t-shirt, some leather pants and sneakers are a great go-to jacket. 

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With a Blazer

If you’d like to wear your leather pants to office, go with a blazer. Go for a fitted top and layer up with a nice blazer. I suggest opting for a black blazer or a grey one for a more neutral look. A fashionable look would also be a patterned top, a black blazer and some leather pants. Add some ballerinas or pumps for a glam look. 

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With a Knitted Sweater

I’m a big fan of wearing leather with knitwear. One way to do this with your leather pants! Go for a knitted sweater or cardigan and you have yourself an interesting look. I’d even suggest that you match your knitted clothing piece with either your bag or your shoes. That way you’ll have a more cohesive outfit and you have an opportunity to add some color to your look. 

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With Lace

Anything lace will also do with some leather pants. Perhaps a blouse done in lace. I love the idea of going for a white blouse in lace with some black leather pants. You could also go for a lace dress and layer it up with your leather pants. This will also do, for sure! 

Folks! How are you wearing leather pants 2021? Let me know in the comments below! Xx

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  1. Oooh I love leather pants! I’ve never been able to try them but I’ve seen them a lot and would love to try them out!

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