5 Ways To Wear A White Dress

Well, the LBD (little black dress) might have been iconic for decades, but it’s counterpart, LWD (little white dress), deserves some attention too. It’s as much as a wardrobe staple as the LBD and perhaps extra relevant with the summer months being ahead of us. Here’s five ways to wear a white dress this summer (and why it’s a must!):

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Wear A White Dress

White Dress With Red Lips

Can a combination be more classic? Not sure! White and red have for long been a classic color match. As the white dress is a neutral clothing piece, it’s often a favorable idea to intensify the look with a contrast. The red lips are a great example of this, as they draw attention and contrasts the crispy white. Both of them are closely associated with more formal occasions too, so if you need to look more proper – a structured white dress with a pair of red lips is a must. I think this duo is also great as it suits so many people and requires little styling as it makes a simple statement on its own.

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White Dress With a Statement Scarf

One accessory that isn’t given as much attention as I think it deserves, is the scarf. Depending on  which kind of scarf you go for, you can easily find options that works for different seasons of the year. As summer is soon to arrive, more light-weight scarves in stylish prints or colors are great for the warmer months. I do think a nice scarf is a simple way to elevate your white dress, especially if it’s a print with a lot of white in it or bright colors. Just let it hang loose around the neck or do a cute bow or something!

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White Dress With a Blazer

A simple way to make your white dress look more formal is to add a blazer. A blazer is often structured, which will make your outfit look more preppy and done. A simple black blazer in a classic style is always a safe choice, but depending on the style of your dress, perhaps a longer blazer or a cropped one will work better. The idea though is to go for a blazer that balances the style of your white dress. I even think a white blazer will  be a chic alternative for a monochromatic look. This look is perfect for a cocktail party, an AW or just a more formal occasion!

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White Dress With Boots

If your white dress is more boho, a stylish way to enhance the style is to add a pair of boots. The boots will add a more edgy feeling to your outfit, which is great if you want to keep the look more casual. A pair of black boots are chic indeed, but don’t be afraid to add some color as white is a neutral and works with the majority of the colors. Perhaps a pair of pink or red boots will do? Just remember to keep the color cohesive and perhaps go for it with a clutch or a statement necklace. As a LWD is a wardrobe staple, I’m sure that whatever boots you have will be a nice alternative!

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White Dress With (Faux) Leather

I’m all about mixing different materials, especially when they’re opposing. Pairing your white dress with (faux) leather is a way to play with different textures. One easy way is to go for a leather jacket, or layer your look with some leather tights. Leather in black is an obvious choice,  but tan colored leather or a colorful alternative will also do. Adding leather is a simple alternative to keep your outfit more casual! You can also do it as simple as adding a leather belt to your dress to create a more structured silhouette!


Folks! Which one of these ways to wear a white dress is your favorite one? How do you wear a white dress? Let’s chat in the comments!


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30 thoughts on “5 Ways To Wear A White Dress

  1. Hmm…I’ve styled mine in all the other ways except with boots. I love the idea and I have a pair of edgy black ankle boots that I feel would work quite well with the dress I have. I don’t know why I never thought of it, but that’s what I have you for, haha. You always inspire me, girl. Thanks for sharing!



    1. Oh I really love the idea of pairing them with a pair of boots, it creates such a great clash! Xx

  2. Adding a red lip is such a great one. I don’t always wear lipstick but when I do I love a good red. I also love to wear a good blazer. I don’t wear black boots often and with a really fun white dress it would be so fun – must try that sometime. 🙂 I have only done it the other way around – black dress and white boots. What a fun post Mia! Have a great week!


    1. OH I think you’d really work that look! So chic with the contrast of the soft white and the edgy black. Hahha well the other way around sounds pretty chic too! Xx

  3. I feel like white dresses are easily on par with black dresses. They’re both easy staples. I love all of these styling ideas, though I think I’m leaning most towards a good blazer. So chic!


    1. Yay! Glad you like them. So many different styling alternatives! Xx

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