5 Wardrobe Tips You Need Today

I’m a big fan of keeping the wardrobe in order and there are several tips out there on how you can do this in the best way possible. I thought today’s article would deal with the subject. Some tips I’ve already shared before, but others are “new”. Going through the wardrobe before 2020 can be a great chance at starting fresh on fashion! Anyways, here’s 5 wardrobe tips to embrace! 

5 Wardrobe Tips
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5 Wardrobe Tips

Neutral Tank Tops

One of the best styling tips I know is to own several neutral tank tops. I’m talking tight tops in neutral colors that are essential for layering. I think owning one in black, one in white and one in grey is a great start. You can also do a fourth one in a color close to your skin tone. The tops are great for layering when it’s cold outside, like now, as they’ll add another layer of warmth. If you get cold easily they’re a must to layer under dresses, blouses, shirts and sweaters. They’re also great under dresses or blouses that are a bit transparent. If you’re for instance working a pink transparent blouse, layer it with the tank top in your skin color!

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Don’t Hang Your Sweaters

I thought this was pretty basic knowledge when it came to how clothes are to be treated, but I’ve been seeing way too many people hanging their sweaters. Sweaters that are knitted shouldn’t be on hangers as they’ll re-shape after the hanger. Knitted sweaters should be folded and placed horizontally in your wardrobe. And speaking of tips for your sweaters, you shouldn’t wash them as often as you think. I mean if they’re really dirty or smells poorly – go ahead, but often times they’re happy just to be aired outside for awhile too! 

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Invest in “Invisible” Pieces

One styling hack I always bring up during winter is this one! The invisible clothing pieces are pieces that are not visible in the outfit. Neutral tank tops are an example of this, but also tights you wear under your pants or an extra cardigan you wear under your jacket. These items are a must if you want to stay warm and chic, yet not feel bulky. Often when people complain to me that their outfits are so boring during winter, because they hide themselves in one big winter jacket, I tell them to invest in a warm coat and layer up with a warm cardigan. Might not be as practical as a big winter jacket, but definitely a nice alternative if you prefer a more preppy dress code!

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Have a Go-To Outfit

I love to talk about go-to outfits and they’re honestly a must in every wardrobe. A go-to outfit is an outfit that never fails you. It’s basic, it’s comfortable and it works for many occasions. What I think is a must with the go-to outfits are that they need to be easy to style. If you’re for instance working a pair of black jeans with a black sweater, you have yourself a pretty basic outfit. You can make it more preppy by a nice coat and scarf, or you can make it more casual with a leather jacket. You can make it more fancy with some jewelries or more sporty with some chunky sneakers. You get it? The go-to outfit can be turned into anything at any point! 

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Keep It Structured

A more direct tips on this wardrobe post is to keep it structured. The things that should be the easiest to reach are the things you wear the most. Although you’re summer dress is pretty to look at, displaying your most-worn blouse would be better. I’m in general a big fan of packing up the summer clothes and put them away for a few months. It keeps the closet organized and the summer clothes will feel like new once they’re back! I’m honestly not too much of a minimalist, but I like to keep it structured and easy in my wardrobe. It makes it easier to get dressed too as you have a good overview of your closet!

Folks! What are your best wardrobe tips? Let me know in the comments below! Xx

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36 thoughts on “5 Wardrobe Tips You Need Today

  1. Really useful tips Mia! The most beautiful pieces are from fall-winter in my opinion, but when you need to face a long and really cold winter you can get bored in the process, right?

    I definitely agree with the idea of invest in invisible pieces. For example Uniqlo has really cool warmth tops with a good price, therefore you can dress less layers 🙂

    1. So true! I love the idea of layering and mixing different textures, but so true that it can be a challenge to do so for a long period of time. Uniqlo is great for simple clothing pieces! Xx

  2. These are such great tips! I have a couple of neutral tanks, but they’re old and I could use a few more. I also love the idea of having a go-to look, which I think I need especially for more dressed-up work occasions. I’m going to have to figure that out!

    1. Perhaps a black or navy blue jumpsuit that’s a bit more defined? Easy to make more glam with a blazer and a pair of heels! Xx

  3. I used to work in textiles in knits so yes, never hang knits liks sweaters, cables, etc. They will droop and stretch. Great post babe, and wishing you the best weekend! I’ll be back soon! <3

  4. Yes! Don’t hang your sweaters! I’m forever shocked when I see someone putting them on a hanger because you just knoooow they’ll be wrecked within a matter of weeks. Thanks for all of this fabulous fashion advice girl! Have a lovely weekend! 🙂

    aglassofice.com x

  5. Honestly I hate piles of clothes, so I’m definitely guilty of hanging sweaters. I agree though, they never look as good as new again. A go-to outfit has saved me several times!

    1. Haha well it’s not easy to compromise! But yes, they’ll last longer when folded! Xx

  6. Where have I been?! I hang my sweaters just because they’re so annoying to store. Another reason for me to be over knitwear already 😉 In all seriousness though, this article was worth it for that tip alone. I love love investing in invisible pieces. In fact, I may have too many!

    xx http://www.qustomquinns.com/blog

    1. Hahah it can’t be easy to be one of your sweaters 😉 But great babe, the invisble pieces are key indeed! Xx

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