5 Wardrobe Staples Fall 2018

Folks, let’s talk a bit about some wardrobe staples fall 2018! The staples are the key pieces in your wardrobe that you use often, are easy to match and often pretty neutral in their style. The wardrobe staples this year are pretty much the same from last season (the point of a timeless, neutral clothing piece), but a reminder, and some styling tips on how you can style the pieces in a new way, is sometimes needed. 

Wardrobe Staples Fall 2018

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Wardrobe Staples Fall 2018

1. Midi Coat

A coat is a must in a fall wardrobe and I’d like to specify it to be a midi coat! With a longer coat you’ll stay warm , you can frame your outfit more easily and a midi coat also have something elegant and timeless over it. It’s easy to style with a pair of high boots, or very trendy with a pair of sneakers. A black, grey or camel one is a timeless investment as the colors lasts through the years. If you don’t like how chunky a midi coat can look like, choose one in a straight model or one that accentuates your waist. As the midi coat, with its long length, frames your body favorably you are free to layer with your clothing pieces. You can go for a knee long skirt, a shirt over and a sweater over it. A scarf will elongate the look and so will a turtleneck. A midi coat is simply a must if you want to wear a coat that’s multifunctional and easy to style!

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2. High-Waisted Jeans

The high-waisted jeans are another piece of clothing that will keep you slightly warmer compared to the regular style. I only wear high-waisted jeans as I think they’re much more comfortable than regular ones and also more flattering as they create a nice silhouette with the enhancement of the waist. They can be worn as regular jeans but they’re also a really good choice with the crop top trend atm. When wearing chunky sweaters. I think the high-waisted jeans are a favorable match as you can tuck in a part of the sweater which gives a more structured look of the chunky style. The jeans are also a good choice when wanting to create an “effortlessly chic” look, as a tucked in top will give a more casual appearance. So chic to pair with a denim shirt or a classic light blue one. If your high-waisted jeans are skinny, they’re also the best choice for OTK boots!

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3. High Boots

And speaking of boots, a pair of high boots (either knee-length or OTK) are a must for fall. If you own a pair in a durable material, they will be your best friend on rainy fall days. A pair of high boots are also a classic when paired with jeans, a sweater and a moto jacket. One trendy way to work the high boots this years is to layer your look with a midi/knee-length skirt or dress. This was previously sort of a fashion no, but is now praised for embracing a more chunky and awkward fashion. It might look a bit heavy, but you can avoid this by choosing a slim pair of high boots or a skirt/dress in an A-silhouette. Also, the idea of the current fashion trend is to sort of accept that it looks a bit off, which is a fun fashion challenge itself.

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4. Blanket Scarf

I wrote about the blanket scarf in this post and it’s undoubtedly one of the wardrobe staples fall 2018. The blanket scarf is warmer than its regular counterpart, it’s also more multifunctional in a way as you can use it as a cape, a scarf or layer it with a belt. It’s terribly chic to have a blanket scarf in the same color as your coat or jacket as it creates a nice voluminous look. It’s perhaps more clever to invest in a classic and practical color such as grey or black (or camel). One in a print can also be a fun one and fairly timeless if you choose one in a check pattern or classic stripes. The best way to use the blanket scarf, if you ask me, is letting it be the final clothing piece. For instance, the classic outfit I talked about above with high boots, skinny jeans, sweater and a moto jacket? That would be a good look that you’d top off with a blanket scarf done as a cape. It’s cozy and it will keep you warm!

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5. White Shirt

Lastly, the fall fashion is about layering. What would be a good layered look if not a classic white shirt to layer with? As a white shirt, buttoned up, gives a more proper impression – this wardrobe staple is a must for an office job or if you’re going to a more formal occasion. I think it’s also really cute to tie a bow around the collar of your white shirt, giving it a tiny bit of detail and making the look more interesting. The white shirt is also good when layering with sweaters, leaving the cuffs and the collar visible. Contrasting a white shirt with a knitted sweater and a moto jacket creates a dynamic outfit with different elements that blends together really well! A white shirt is also one of those pieces that work all year as it’s easy to style, timeless and really wearable.


Folks! Which one of these wardrobe staples fall 2018 is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below! Xx

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  1. You are spot on with these staple pieces. I have black midi coat but want to get a print one like the sample here. I got a nice MAJE navy wool coat in Paris at this great second hand designer shop. And I so need more high waisted jeans and trousers too.

    Allie of

  2. While I don’t have all of these pieces I do love my blanket scarves and think they are such a cold weather essential like you said! 🙂

    Hope that you are having a nice weekend 🙂 We went to our friends wedding yesterday so that was fun 🙂

    Away From The Blue Blog

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