5 Trendy Prints Fall 2018

Prints are a major part of the fall fashion and the ones that are in style this fall are classic and lively. The prints fall 2018 are pretty easy to style and also match with each other if you’re bold. Here’s a trend report on the prints fall 2018 and how you can style them:

Prints Fall 2018

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Prints Fall 2018

Leo Print

The leo print has a tendency to return each fall but seems to have exploded this year. The leo print is done for boots, dresses, skirts, sweaters, beanies, bags, scarves – pretty much anything you can imagine. The leo print is terribly chic to pair with brown shades of camel, mocha and beige but also a nice match with the fall colors (mustard yellow, forest green and wine red). A very trendy way of working the leo print is to pair it with purple, either ultra violet or lavender.

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Glen Plaid

The check pattern is another trendy print, with the glen plaid probably being the most classic and common one at the moment. The glen plaid is a fairly subtle print which makes it suitable for a more sophisticated and clean look, like the office style. The glen plaid, when done in grey, is chic to pair with a soft pink, a navy blue or anything orange/copper/red. With its subtle appearance, it’s also a good one to match with other prints. With the leo print for instance or a floral one! Stripes are also good with their geometrical look.

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Dark Floral

Florals are always trendy, but it changes each season what kind of florals that are popular. This season the floral print should be dark and melancholic, with large and flowy flowers. The dark floral print works well with the fall shades and other colors with a depth (like a burgundy, a dark gold or a darker blue). As with all prints though, pick one or two colors from the print and use it as the second/third color in the outfit.

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Snake Print

Second to the leo print we find the snake print. This animal print is also increasing in popularity this fall and can be seen as boots, pants, dresses, skirts and even coats. The snake print is more diffuse in its pattern, which makes it a nice blend when you want to keep it more subtle. It works well with beige and brown (keeping it in the same scale), but also with warmer shades of yellow, orange and colder shades as green and blue. The snake print is great for accessories too, energizing an outfit without stealing the attention!

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Polka Dots

The polka dots made a comeback when the 80s did, naturally so as the dots were a major part of the decade’s fashion. The dots are great with other geometrical prints, such as stripes or the check pattern. As the print often is done with two colors, it’s easy to add a third color and still keep the balance in the outfit. Love the polka dots with the primary shades and pastels. To create a more cohesive look, choose one color in the print and keep the outfit to two colors!


Folks! How are you working the prints fall 2018? Let me know in the comments! Xx

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42 thoughts on “5 Trendy Prints Fall 2018

  1. I love all of them, maybe the animal print is the one that doesn’t fit my personality at all and I would say it is kind of risky, but of course depending on how you wear it haha! My favorite forever and ever will be the glen plaid *____*, actually it reminds me of my school years because of the uniforms haha! On the other side I feel like a good collection of prints is always necessary in order to lift up our outfits when it is necessary 😉

    1. Hahah the glen plaid is really special in that way! A good print always elevates one’s outfit! Xx

    1. The snake print is a really stylish one! Love that it goes so well with camel/brown! Xx

    1. The leopard print is such a good one to start with though!! It’s fairly easy to match and suit the majority of the people! Xx

  2. It is definitely the season for some gorgeous prints! <3 Dark floral caught my eye right away, it's definitely something that I can see myself incorporating into my wardrobe. I would love to try and dare snake print one day… It's gorgeous, but so bold! Loving your picks here hun, thanks so much for sharing this. <3 xoxo


    1. Glad you liked this post babe!! The dark floral print never lets me down, so good and dramatic! Xx

  3. Leopard and snake prints are my absolute favourites right now; I’m still buying more and more snakeskin prints (even today at Zara, haha!). I have to admit after all these years I STILL haven’t warmed to polka dot print completely though…. perhaps this season will change that?!

    aglassofice.com x

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