5 Trendy Fashion Details Right Now

I did a post like this some weeks ago (here). But you know how it is, trends keep on changing at the pace of life keeps on moving, so it’s time for an update! Here are some trendy details right now:

Corset Belt

This trend is a reminder to us all that it’s very much indeed possible to die the fashion death and go to style heaven. I’m obsessing with the corset belt trend atm. The name might not completely be accurate as it’s more a matter of oversized statement belts. The most popular idea is to do a loose clothing piece and mark the waist with the corset belt. (But it works however you want tbh). Don’t think too much about the statement of it and changing your outfit after the belt. Instead, let it be an extension of your regular outfits and elevate your style while staying true! If you want to nail the style with perfection though, pair it with a jumpsuit. (You’re friggin’ welcome!). Popular styles to work it with: shirt, college sweater, t-shirt.

Blush Color

I’m not too sure why blush is trending as much as it does these days. I mean, the color is a genius one to do with fall colors aka your typical jewel tones. Like blush + navy or blush + burgundy (= gorgeous combinations). But blush is  a color for spring too, with its sweet and embracing tone. It’s also a natural extension to the style of the instagrammers that enjoy a more neutral color palette of beige, khaki green, grey and black. It’s also quite flattering and it works well with floral and trendy pieces as statement sleeves and bomber jackets. As seen in the photo below, it’s a gorgeous color for picking up and highlighting other shades in a print = don’t be afraid to try it yourself!

Patent Leather

So the patent leather trend this time around began with the ankle boots more or less and ever since the material has increased in popularity. It’s still most common in black, but more red and white is popping up. The glossy material is still a match for the shoes but is going more frequent as leggings, pants, bags, skirts, dresses and jackets! I might do a full post on how to style patent leather as it’s actually is one of the most fun materials to work with. Instinctively though, try it with denim, knit or even suede. Think about the contrasts!

Uneven Denim Hem

This is a warning to us all folks, we will hate this trend in a few years! I sometimes wonder if it began as a failed DIY experiment as pretty much anyone can take a pair of old jeans and do the hems uneven (quite the saving tip actually). It is not a specifically beautiful trend, quite the contrary: it’ pretty ugly. But this trend is also a great example of fashion being more expressive rather than polished gorgeousness. The uneven hem trend is mostly done with fishnet tights underneath and a pair of statement heels to it. I also like it with sneakers and it’s a gorgeous contrast with flats too! I hate that I love this trend, but also the other way around.

Crop tops over shirts

I’m going specific with this trend as, crop tops over t-shirts and dresses have been done for quite some time now. But crop tops, in a bra style, is quite the trend these days. Like a compromise of wearable office wear but still with a fashion edge. It’s often done quite casual with denim or loose pants. The shirt can be a bit loose and the crop top quite defined (and work like a belt almost). It’s a good balance to the covering fabric of the shirt. This trend is great to play with colors and prints. Let the crop top or shirt contrast the piece you want to have in focus! Tbh, this trend is kind of a version of the corset belts, so choose the one you love the most or work both!

Folks! What trendy details are you working right now? Drop a comment! Xx

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38 thoughts on “5 Trendy Fashion Details Right Now

  1. I don’t know what it is, but I find myself getting ready to move on to the next trend as soon as I wear one of them…you know what I mean? It might be the fact that we’re bombarded with so many images of the trends as soon as it comes out. Like..there’s fashion month, then all the big bloggers, then the smaller bloggers, then the entire damn IG feed, then the trends get released mass market and you see them on the streets. I think my mind craves something else by step two.

    I love the fact that trends exist but my over-active mind is now craving silver tones, red tailored suits and grunge looks from the fall runways. It’s information overload gone awry. 🙁 That said, I was really looking forward to the corset belts after the Fenty x Puma show last season. But after not being able to find a cool one in stores, I “got over it” and moved on. Now I’m scouting for the perfect accentuated one shoulder blazer dress. I get really specific…? OH, I also REALLY want vinyl pants though so there, I can still be on trend this season!!

    Style Tomes ||ST on IG

    1. Hahah am I also sensing a fear of not wanting to look like everyone else too?? But yes babe, hands down to staying one steap ahead and always keep the fashion game a bit more adventurous. I mean, what you’ll be wearing today might be what we all will be wearing tomorrow?! Xx


  2. Oh man, I have a soft spot for all of these trends, but I really can’t get enough blush in my life right now. It’s probably getting to be a bit much, but I have no restraint!

    Amber – amberelb.com

  3. You have just re-confirmed that I am on the right track for trends right now. I totally just purchased a few corset belts and a bustier to style for Vancouver Fashion week. I can’t wait to see how it all looks together! Hopefully my vision pans out well =P

    Rina Samantha

  4. I’m flirting with the idea of doing the crop top over a shirt because I think it would look cute with the bump lol, but I’m not sure yet. I have quite a few jeans that are so old and I never wear that I can still fit into and perhaps distress the hem of a bit. I must admit, I’m really loving nearly all the trends this season, I feel their different, yet prectcisl enough to wear on the regular and not just a Fashion Week statement, as they sometimes tend to be. Thanks for sharing, beauty, and I hope you have a wonderful day!



  5. I feel like I’m totally in the minority when I say that I’m not a fan of what’s going on with denim hems this season! Raw-cut, uneven, fringe…I’m just not feeling any of it. :/


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