5 Trendy Details 2017

I know, I know – I talked about trendy details last week (catch the post here), but writing the post had me realizing that there are so many more trendy details 2017 and I just want to embrace them all! So here’s part two of trendy details 2017!

5 Trendy Details 2017 - Pink velvet, belt, statement hem jeans, multifunctional scarf, visible back | The Fashion Folks

Pink velvet

I don’t think I’ve been able to write about velvet once without mentioning how chic velvet is in a dark green shade (just did it again actually). But another color that I adore in velvet, and happens to be trendy, is pink velvet. The specific shade of pink should be dusty pink, as the two in combo have a lovely retro touch to them. You’ve probably already seen pink velvet sofas everywhere, but as for fashion, pink velvet is a perfect match for shoes, accessories but also pieces like dresses and skirts. Obsessed is the word!

Statement hem

You’ve probably seen this trend in multiple inspo pictures, and the trend just seems to grow. Ripped hemlines are jeans with hemlines that are uneven or with fringe. The trend feels a bit grunge and 90s related, but has a modern and fun touch to it. Especially doing ripped hemlines and sneakers together is a combination people love. Also incorporating fishnet socks or do the trend with statement shoes. More details to the people!

Multifunctional Scarf

We already know that the scarf is here to stay. Something that’s been growing the last couple of months though is how we work the scarf. A scarf is now a tool of versatility as one can work them in all ways imaginable. You can pin it with a belt, have it over one shoulder only, do a mini-blanket with it, tie it to your bag, tie it around your waist and around your neck (+more). As I always, and everyone else says, the limit is your imagination. Just invest in a multifunctional scarf and you’ll save a lot of fashion situations in the months to come.

Statement Back

Perhaps this trend is not the most genius one to do for winter, but I love it anyways so here we go. The statement back is where you are fully covered in the front but have your back visible. As in having a shirt buttoned but leaving some buttons undone, but for the back instead. Or as in having an A of skin/clothing piece visible. It’s quite the chic one to do as it’s a subtle statement that works for many. You don’t need to show your skin in specific but a clothing piece that’s contrasting in color or pattern can be fun to wear under. Always look for the fashion statement people!

Show Your Belt

Remember in the early 00s when everyone walked around with designer belts and their tops/shirts tucked in? Well, well, well – the trend is kind of back. If you’re one of the fashionistas, you know how hyped the Gucci-belt has been the past couple of months and letting belts hint is a detail that’s here to stay.  The belt should have some sort of fun detail that underlines the statement. Adding a belt to your outfit is a great way of going for a detailed look without overdoing it (and just OMG to the look below, it’s genius). 

Folks, what’s your favorite of the trendy details 2017? Drop a comment below! Xx

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60 thoughts on “5 Trendy Details 2017

  1. What’s better than pink velvet heels? Pink velvet heels on a pink velvet couch. Cuz I definitely don’t know when to stop.

    I’m actually scouting for some statement belts that aren’t solely the GG or H belt buckles. Those are fun and all but I’m hoping something new pops up. OMG wait I just thought of a pink velvet trench coat. That would be amazing.

    Style Tomes

  2. Amazing trends and style tips! Incorporating these into an outfit, for example wearing a statement backless shirt with a plain casual outfit, can elevate a look to another level! I adore velvet especially pink one and got some really nice pink velvet boots that are collecting dust on my wardrobe! Need to wear them more!
    Thanks for sharing and for the inspiration my dear!

  3. So all of these details are so fun, but I think I *need* some pink velvet in my life. In the form of shoes. It needs to happen 🙂
    Have a great week!

  4. Statement hems are the best, but somehow I completely forgot about pink velvet? How does that even happen?! Anyway, thanks for the reminder. You’re helping me get a little bit excited for Spring!

    Amber – amberelb.com

  5. Statement hems are definitely something I’m interested in trying out this year! They’re just so fun. Also can’t get enough of pieces with statement backs…especially for when it warms up again.

    Kathryn • simplykk.com

  6. The statement back is something I love but to scared to wear. I have one or two tops but I always wear something underneath but this summer I will go for it! x


  7. I really want to try out fringed hem jeans, I LOVE the look for them, especially paired with some funky cool boots! I also love the velvet trend and in green, too. It just looks SO luxurious in the shade, but I’m also loving it in dusty pink as well. I feel it gives more of that retro vibe you mentioned, as well as ultra feminine one, as opposed to the more saturated jewel toned velvets, perfect for the month ahead! Ah, the Gucci belt! I have one that I treasure that was gifted to me by mom for my HS graduation, but it’s a metallic silver and has started to look worn 🙁 I’ve been thinking of breaking it out again, though, because it’s still wearable. Thanks so much for the inspiration, as always, beauty, and I hope you’re having a wonderful day so far!



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