5 Timeless Fashion Details

I’m writing a lot about fashion trends right now, current and future trends. In contrast though, I think it’s important to write about timeless fashion details, that’s, when everything comes around, is what the majority of our wardrobes should center around. The fashion details are what makes the outfit elevate. They’re reliable, they’re wearable and functional! 

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Timeless Fashion Details

Crossbody Bag

My favorite style of bag is undoubtedly the crossbody bag. The style of bag is perfect when you don’t have too much to carry. It’s also practical as you have your hands free. As the size is often rather small, it’s also a great pop of color or pattern in the outfit that doesn’t interfere too much with the rest of the look. I’m also a fan  of the crossbody bag as it works for both day and night fashion! It’s simply a must if you’re going on a trip and want to pack as little as possible. 

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White T-shirt

Perhaps a t-shirt is not really a fashion detail, but it definitely deserves a place in this list. The white t-shirt is universally beloved and worn. Both the “color” and the style of clothing is neutral, so the item is perhaps one of the most neutral clothing pieces there is. Depending on a loose or fitted style, it suits for different occasions. You can easily dress it up with a blazer or dress it down with a pair of jeans. If you don’t own one yet, invest in a white t-shirt asap! 

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Wayfarer Sunglasses

So the wayfarer style is perhaps the most timeless one when it comes to sunglasses. Much alike the white t-shirt, it’s neutral in its design and often in its color (common in black, brown and tortoise). The sunglasses suit the everyday life as well as more glam occasions. If you think the frames of the wayfarers are too sharp, try a style with a more rounded frame or in a color that’s close to your skin tone.

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Black & White Stripes

The black and white stripes are timeless. The colors are neutral, the pattern is neutral – everything is neutral. I’d say the stripes are perfect when you want more action in your outfit. For example, changing a white t-shirt to one with black and white stripes instead. Adding a scarf in a striped style can also be chic, or why not a bag? The black & white stripes are also a must to work with red, red lips or a red bag – both alternatives are timeless! 

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Black Boots

Lastly, the black boots! I’m not too specific about whether they’re patent leather, leather, suede, with heels, without heels etc – because all of the styles are neutral. The black boots are a perfect choice for black leggings and jeans as it creates an elongating effect of the legs. They’re also chic to match with denim shorts and leather skirts for spring and summer time. If you have yet to invest in a pair of black boots, do it asap cause’ they will be your new go-to friend! 

Folks! What are your thoughts on timeless fashion details? Let me know in the comments below! Xx

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18 thoughts on “5 Timeless Fashion Details

  1. Definitely! It is good to know that some content creators like you are talking about trendy clothes but also about the importance to keep a good selection of endless pieces.

    Actually I’m trying to achieve more sustainable or good quality clothes in the recent years, it is difficult but nowadays there are so more options and it doesn’t matter if you need to spend a little bit in order to get a very good quality piece 🙂

    I’ll think I have many of the items in this list… but I’ll definitely want to buy a good crossbody bag for my daily life 🙂 !

    1. That’s great! investing in quality staples is definitely the way to go if you want to build a sustainable wardrobe. Then only incorporate the trends you’re really fond of or they’re wearable in the long run! Xx

    1. So true! The t-shirt is so powerful when it comes to dressing up/dressing down! Xx

  2. I need to remember these when I’m getting dressed for work! Sometimes I get so focused on trends (i.e. trying to find ways to make my snakeskin boots work-appropriate) that I forget about a simple black boot. Would love a post on timeless office wear! Happy Thursday, Mia xx


    1. That’s a great idea for an article!! Will definitely write it. And about the snakeskin boots, how about an all black outfit or brown and let the snake skin be the statement? Xx

  3. Oh hey I have all of these things! I really need an upgrade on my white tee though, mine is wearing out.

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