5 Styling Combinations To Try Spring 2017

I know the only thing I seem to do these days is talking about spring and its fashion and beauty. But I mostly think it’s me overcompensating the fact that I’m not a spring enthusiast. However, here are some styling combinations to try spring 2017:

Neon Green To Denim

I discovered my love for neon green by an accident as I thought I had purchased a bottle of pea green nail polish. Little did I know though that the color would turn out to be neon green/lime green However, I got madly obsessed as I wore a denim on denim look that day and neon green to denim is apparently a match made in heaven. The sophisticated tone in the navy colored denim brings out the intensity in neon green, but in a mature way (cause that makes sense…). It gives a wearable yet fashionable outfit. I’d say go for neon green nails and a denim outfit if you want to try it. But jeans and a neon top or denim on denim and a neon bag sounds equally as chic if you ask me!

Styling Combinations To Try

Courtsey of Hanneli Mustaparta

Match two different floral prints

Florals, florals and more florals – it’s fully possible that after this season I never want to see or read a blog post about florals for spring again. They’re just everywhere and I’m equally guilty of contributing. However, I also see it as my duty to try to level up the fashion level here. So new style idea that has yet to go mainstream on Instagram: match two different floral prints. Try to go for flowers in a similar print and match top and bottom. Or why not go for flowers in the same color palette and mix and match? A third alternative is to go with flowers in different sizes. Like a print with small flowers for the top and a print with large flowers as skirt. Or why not for two different materials as below? You can, of course, also go for accessories if you want to play it safe.

Yellow With Orange

Yellow with orange was a major color combination a few years ago when the whole fashion world fell in love with all things lemons and oranges for print. However, as yellow is trending once again, I think it’s the perfect time of bringing back the color combination. Not only does the combination feel kind of citrus, it feels fresh, energizing, happy and optimistic? It’s just a vitamin injection of fashion to put it frankly. I think you can match it however you’d like with top/bottom/accessories as the colors complements each other so well. If you want to break off the optimism (lol), try to add a bit of green as in green leaves. Or try colors with a low intensity Try it and see the chic contrast!

Tan To Blue/White Stripes

I mentioned this briefly in this post on the trend alert of blue/white stripes, but I have to bring it up again. Tan is such a chic shade of color and a staple to count on – especially for spring. So here I am, suggesting tan to blue/white stripes again. It makes the duo pop and still bringing the classic, elegant and “always chic” life. Try tan in (faux) leather/suede to get a full effect. Go for a classic shirt in blue/white stripes or a trendy blouse with tan pants or skirt. If I could decide, I’d go for a full on midi tan skirt in faux leather, a blue/white stripes classic shirt and a blue/white striped oversized bow. Right? Ya feeling it?

Silver Metallic and pink

This post is definitely going repeat on things as I talked earlier about silver and pink for spring 2017. Well well, I do think that silver metallic and pink might be one of the most genius combinations that could be. Pink with its sweet and soft touch and silver metallic with its edgy and futuristic tone. They make a great contrast and I think they’re perfect when going for a balanced and nuanced outfit (apparently you can use nuanced when describing outfits, lol). Hot pink, pale pink or blush works equally as good even though I think a pastel pink top and a silver metallic skirt sounds genius. If you want to go more safe, try a pink outfit and add the silver through your accessories like a bag, hat or shoes!

Folks! Which one of these styling combinations do you enjoy the most? Drop a comment below as always, Xx

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50 thoughts on “5 Styling Combinations To Try Spring 2017

  1. Okay, so now I must accredit you for giving me SO much outfit inspiration after reading this post! I have a neon green crossbody bag that I love to wear a lot come spring and summer, but I’ve never done a full on denim on denim look with it. I’ve done a tank that had a denim detail, but not a full on chambray shirt with denim, I love the idea! Don’t you love when you fall in love with something by accident? It’s like the universe knows you so well enough to just cause a specific incident to occur to inspire us in a way that we might never have tried, haha, as with your nail polish story. I also love the idea of mixing florals and metallics with pink, especially since I’m obsessed with blush (as is everyone else) but have never thought to combine the two. Thanks so much for sharing, gorgeous, and I hope you’re having the best week so far!



    1. Hahah yaaay! So happy you enjoyed the post babe. And yes, I love to fall in love with something by accident, it’s the best kind of fashion love! Xx

  2. Tired of floral my darling?! How? They feel so good and happy, especially for us poor folks living in cold countries such as Germany. Ah such a shame, I have an upcoming post with a floral dress. Beautiful post, I especially love the look of Carly, the skirt is very pretty!

    Love from https://tbymallano.com/

    1. Hahah oh noooo, don’t get me wrong! I love it but people are treating them like it would be something new. They’re not! But I am looking forward to your post babe! Xx

  3. I get ya girl, I’m not a Spring enthusiast either. These are fantastic combinations though, and I want to mix some florals immediately!

    Amber – amberelb.com

  4. I’m not much of a spring person either but neon green and denim kind of gets me excited! That’s a combo I don’t see too often. I also like the idea of mixing floral prints but orange isn’t for me.


    Violet Roots || Instagram

  5. I wanted to try the tan to blue/white stripes in a while, but unfortunately I don’t own the perfect items to do that :(. Also loving the other color combination ideas, but I’d have to admit, silver metallic and pink is probably one of my favorite ones. Have a lovely day! xx


    1. Ohhhh but I’m sure you’ll find some soon babe!! Silver and pink feels like a new classic! Xx

  6. I am loving all these fabulous suggestions for combinations this spring! I have some neon green in my closet so that might be the first one I try out!

    1. Hahah oh no, I’m sure you’d work it perfectly. A denim shirt, a black tee and a pop of neon green? Xx

  7. That lime green coat is my favourite. I love spring–although it’s a fickle season with both jacket weather and warm climate for sleeveless pieces. Metallics and pink colours have certainly made a comeback! x/Madison

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