5 Simple & Obvious Beauty Hacks

Some things are just too obvious to state, but some things are often so simple that we tend to forget them. And that’s what today’s article is all about; simple and obvious beauty hacks we tend to forget. Of course nothing revolutionary, but a simple reminder of these superb beauty hacks! 

Obvious Beauty Hacks

Sleep With a Braid

For anyone with long hair, a greeeat beauty hack is to sleep with braided hair! This will keep your hair from getting tangled, but also give your hair some gorgeous waves. Apply some leave-in conditioner, brush your hair, and make a braid before going to bed tonight! 

Paint All The Nails

This is so simple it’s ridiculous, but one way to look more put together is to pain all your nails – toenails included! Especially for winter it’s so easy to neglect your feet, but just by painting your toenails in the same color as your hands creates a small, but big, difference. Next time you look at your feet, I’m sure a pop of red will make them instantly nicer. 

Multiuse Your Makeup

In contrast to all the trillion of makeup products that are on the market today, there are beauty products that are multi-purpose. It’s often a stick that can be used for lips, cheeks and eyeshadow at the same time. Sometimes it’s about blush, sometimes it’s more bronzy and other times it’s about a glowing highlight. Of course you don’t need to use these sticks, you can also try a lipstick you have at home. Or why not add some highlighter on your eyelids too? 

Photo by Karly Jones on Unsplash

Use Scrunchies

Is anyone still using hair tie with a metallic clip? Because at this point you should know better. The metallic clip, and a hair tie that’s too tight, can harm your hair in an unnecessary way. Scrunchies are typically way less stressful for the hair, as well as curled plastic hair ties. And also, with the trend of scrunchies; why not invest in a fashionable one that also will improve your fashion life? 

Invest in Your Favorite Perfume

Another great and simple beauty hack is to have a go-to perfume. I mean, of course, who doesn’t want to smell good? Wearing your favorite perfume is another way to add luxe to your life, and also feel more put together. So even if you think perfumes are a bit expensive, they are well worth the investment as little goes a long way. If you don’t want to splurge, go for a body mist or a scented body lotion for THAT glow. 

Folks! What are your best simple and obvious beauty hacks? Let’s chat in the comments below! Xx

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  1. These are all wonderful tips! I will splurge on perfume all day long! It’s so worth it! And I love having my nails done. It always looks more polished and professional!

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