5 Outfit Details Fall 2020

It’s always fun to pay extra attention to details, but perhaps extra fun for fall as layering up with details and clothes will make the outfit more interesting. Also, you don’t have the problem of summer when you want to wear as few details as possible. Here are five details ideas fall 2020: 

Details Ideas Fall 2020

Pastel Nails

It’s easy to go for the darker shades for fall, but let’s not forget how chic it can be with pastel nails. The pastel nails will contrast the darker shades perfectly. Really cute to go for a baby pink, a mint blue or a lavender color. Perhaps the nails are a tiny part of an outfit, but they can definitely contribute to a pop!

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Retro Sunglasses

As I wrote in this article, a big trend for fall 2020 are the retro sunglasses. Both with the 90s vibe, with the small sunglasses, and the oversized 70s vibe. If you already own a lot of classic shapes, it can be a good idea to mix it up with a pair of retro sunglasses. Sunnies with a statement frame are always chic, but for this one: go for colored glass. This will definitely add a pop to the outfit and even better if you reconnect the color of the sunglasses with a color from your outfit. 

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Statement Headband

Although it’s tempting to reach for black headbands, consider going for a statement one too. A headband in a color or a pattern will give the outfit a twist, but also keep your hair where you want it to be. Don’t forget that headbands also can be statement with the material/texture. A leather headband, a velvet one or an embellished version will definitely steal the spotlight! 

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Bohemian Braids

Braids are superb for fall. With all the rain and windy days, you definitely want to keep your hair in good shape. Going for Bohemian braids will embrace a trendy 70s vibe, but also give you wavy hair for the day after. The Bohemian braids are also easy to create as you braid your hair normally and then you pull the sections a part carefully, just to loosen them up a bit. This will give a more messy impression. Don’t forget there are tons of ways you can embrace the braids. Either by doing two traditional French braids, one French braid, a fish bone braid or why not Dutch braid? The alternatives are endless! 

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Luxurious Jewellery

If you own any jewellery that’s in gold or with pearls, work it for this fall! Chic if you wear a turtleneck and you layer it up with gold necklaces, or why not go for some statement barrettes with your classic LBD? Oversized earrings or a lot of rings will also add to luxurious look. You can make this luxe vibe even more intense with working either velvet or a shiny material such as silk. This is to go for the glow! 

Folks! What do you think about these details ideas fall 2020? Let me know in the comment below! Xx

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8 thoughts on “5 Outfit Details Fall 2020

  1. Hello Mia,

    For me this is the best season (with spring) to have risky combinations and to play with layers, fabrics and the length of many pieces. I mean, compared to winter you don’t need to pull off all the chunky clothes and you can survive during the day with lighter jackets and sweaters.

    I liked that you focused on the small details, those that are the cherry on top like beauty tips and the accessories. For me, the best thing are the retro sunglasses, you can never go wrong with that and they can spice any outfit situation!

    1. So true! It’s so easy to focus on the details, the prints and textures and create a more dynamic mix! Xx

  2. Those braids are gorgeous! I wish I were one of those people who could do cool stuff like that to my hair. Thank goodness for fun headbands though, I can do that 🙂

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