5 Nerdy & Stylish Details Spring 2022

Folks! How about talking a bit about some really nerdy, but stylish, details spring 2022? I mean, sometimes, the best thing you can do for an outfit is to focus on the details and let the rest sort itself out. Here are some stylish details spring 2022:

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Details Spring 2022

Pastel Party

One of the biggest trends this spring is to mix and match pastels like crazy. Which is a pretty easy thing to do, considering that all, and I mean all, pastels go perfectly well together. Love the idea of working 2-3 different pastels in one outfit and just let it pop. So choose a pastel clothing piece and build your outfit around it. 

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The Minimalist Gold Necklace

The minimalist gold necklace is another trendy item this spring. I’m talking a gold necklace with a thin chain and maybe one or two berlocks. It’s been really trendy to wear this kind of necklace with a blouse or top that has a favorable décolletage. For instance a deep V-neckline or a Heart-shaped neckline. Match it with gold earrings and rings! 

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The Plastic Sunglasses

Plastic is fantastic! At least if you ask the 90s fashion, and as the 90s are in style; they’re a must this spring and summer season too. Plastic rings and bracelets are definitely trendy, but plastic sunglasses even more so. Go for colorful sunglasses with a large plastic frame, and you have yourself a 90s mood! 

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Popping Nails

And nails nails nails! Well, what about them? This spring they should be well-painted and done in bold colors such as sky blue, hot pink, lime green and anything orange. You can also mix and match different colors on one single hand. Perfect, if you like me,own too many nail polishes and there’s just not enough time to wear them all. I like to mix pastels! 

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The Mini Bag

And the mini bag is a must this spring too! Perfect if you don’t like to carry too much stuff around. The mini bag is perfect for a casual day out or if you’re heading to a dinner out or cocktail party. Choose one in a fun color for the best effect, and pair it accordingly with your outfit. 

Folks! What are your best stylish details spring 2022? Let’s chat in the comments below! Xx

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3 thoughts on “5 Nerdy & Stylish Details Spring 2022

  1. Hello Mia, how’s everything? I hope you’re having a fantastic spring taking advantage of all the incredible fashion trends around there!

    Thanks for summing up many of the coolest ideas to spice our looks for the season! I think I like them all but as you may know my favorite are the pastel tones! I would love to get a blazer in that soft blue tone, it is definitely a pastel party as the title says 🙂

    And talking about accessories like plastic sunglasses and mini bags I would love to try them all! The Loewe mini gate has been on my radar for over a year!


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