5 Makeup Looks Spring 2020

Folks! I’m a big fan of getting my dose of inspiration from street style fashion. I’m not as good as being inspired by makeup looks, but thought we could give it a go with some makeup inspiration for spring 2020. I’ve picked out five gorgeous makeup looks spring 2020 and why I like them! 

Makeup Looks Spring 2020
Photo by Flaunter on Unsplash

Makeup Looks Spring 2020

Enhanced Features

The first makeup look is all about the enhanced features. The eyes are framed with a shadowed black eyeliner over the eyelid. The cheeks have a more bronzy color and the lips are enhanced with a lip color, close to the model’s. What I like about this makeup look is that it’s pretty natural. The smudged eyeliner gives an impression of heavy eyelashes, which intensifies the eyes. The bronzy cheeks imitates some time in the sun and the lips look moisturized and healthy. The eyebrows haven’t been defined either, which also contributes to the feeling of a more natural makeup look.  A very stylish and makeup look to try at home this spring! 

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Glossy Eyes

Another more natural makeup look is this one. The glossy eyes and the glowy cheeks are giving the makeup look the extra touch. I love the idea of going for your regular eye makeup, but add some highlighter in the corner for an extra touch of glow. You can also go for liquid eyeshadows for a more glossy finish. The cheeks are reflecting the eyes in a natural way and pulls the makeup look together with the subtle gold tone. I think the lips are a nice finish with the rosy, dewy, style. The lips can easily be recreated at home with a tinted lip balm and a rosy lip pen for some further definition. 

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Mismatched Colors

This makeup looks is definitely more bold, but still quite realistic. The mint blue eyeshadow is really pretty, stretching up to the eyebrows. The black eyeliner balances the soft tone of the blue eyeshadow and also makes the eyelashes more prominent. What makes this makeup look special is undoubtedly the oxblood lips. The color combination is such an unexpected one, especially for makeup, but they balances each other well. Perhaps the color of the lips is more suitable for fall, but you can try a similar look for spring/summer with perhaps a bright pink eyeshadow and red lips! 

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Peachy Cheeks

Another stylish makeup look this spring season is this one. I’ve talked about the peachy makeup look before, but this one is such a gem. I love how the peachy color is framing the cheekbones. Gorgeous contrast with green/blue (!) mascara. The lips are also really pretty with the subtle lip liner and the glossy lips. I think this look is a must to try, at least the peachy cheeks, for spring. Such a beautiful way of adding some warmth to your makeup look and go for that summer vibe. I think this is great sans eye makeup too and keeping it “no makeup makeup”!

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Elongated Eyeliner

Lastly, this elongated eyeliner is so chic. I love how it goes down all the way to the tear duct. The pointy tip is mirrored by the outer corner of the eye. The intense black is so chic with the dramatic eyelashes. Love that the rest of the face is kept fairly simple with a neutral lip and some semi-shaded cheeks. The bushy eyebrows are also a nice contrast to the controlled eyeliner. This look is a fun alternative if you like eyeliner but would like to shake things up a bit. 

Folks! Do you have a favorite of these makeup looks spring 2020? Let me know in the comments below! Xx

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10 thoughts on “5 Makeup Looks Spring 2020

  1. I have seen some of this in some beauty blogs, and I really like the idea that make up can be like the cherry on top to your OOTD.

    The mismatched colors is the most interesting, it reminds me of that trend of mismatched shoes on purpose!

    1. I love the fresh and clean makeup this spring too, will be fun to experiment with! Xx

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