5 Makeup Ideas November 2017

There’s been some requests about more makeup articles! I have stated before and I have stated again that it’s highly hypocritical of me to promote a more bold makeup game as I’m slow as a snail going for a change or even try something new. Once I do, I often return to my ordinary makeup look and pop up a change NOT ever so often. With that said though, I still like the makeup game and definitely the idea of it. I seldom include red carpet looks on The Fashion Folks, but thought it’d be fun to glam things up today. Quite wearable makeup looks though! Anyways sorry not sorry about the long rant, here’s five makeup ideas November 2017:

Makeup Ideas November 2017 - Balmain Resort 2018

Courtsey of Balmain | Resort 2018

Makeup Ideas November 2017

Midnight Blue

I’ve always had a romanticised idea about midnight blue being a more modern yet classic color to embrace instead of black.  A really dark midnight blue smokey eye with some glitter? Totally here for it! Or a dark blue liner framing the eyes instead of a black or brown one. Anyways if you need to break off the normal black, go for midnight blue! 

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Orange Lips

I loved the idea of orange lips so much this summer that I even showed off mine! Totally crazy I know (eh). But anyways I still very much enjoy the orange lips and even work them when I wear purple! Quite the statement but also a dar(l)ing combo for fall.  I encourage everyone who loves the red lips to try orange too. Much alike changing black to navy blue, orange works as a substitute for red. It’s also a color for fall on its own, matching the shades of the leaves and everything else cliché you can think. Pumpkins, sweet potatoes, carrots more leaves and eh more leaves! Orange is definitely a color for fall!

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Rosy Cheeks

If the bronzer is a beloved makeup look to do for summer, the rosy cheeks should get their love for fall. I’m one of those people who get quite the rosy (just kidding, red) cheeks when I’m out and it’s cold. I do like the change a tiny bit as it undoubtedly adds some life to the face. No wonder rosy cheeks, partly, in the history of beauty been considered as a sign of health, you really do look alive! So take the blush, add some of it and get that natural blood rush faked!

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Forest Green Liner

Along my list of terrible makeup ideas this is probably one of the best of the worst. I’ve had this romanticised idea for ages that forest green is a good one for the makeup life. Perhaps most naturally as a shade but I believe in its power as a liner too. Instead of going for your ordinary black liner, try the forest green one and see how it feels! I think this look is gorgeous to a top in gold and thereby an obvious choice for the season! The dark color still adds some weight to the eyes, which frames them, but reflects the light better!

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Full On Fresh

Also to us lazy kids out there, a makeup look for fall that is just about looking fresh is definitely a choice too! A good base, eyebrows on fleek and a healthy glow? We’re talking good, right? This makeup look is honestly my go to when I’m lazy and I might even, but barely, curl the lashes and add some coconut oil! This is the no makeup makeup look in a nutshell but ever so reliable if you want to stray away from the full on makeup look. Fake it til you make it or make (up) it til you fake it as I usually (not) say! Dunn might have more makeup on here though, but insanely gorgeous higlighting her features with subtle makeup and a healthy glow!

Folks! Which one of these five makeup ideas November 2017 are you curious about trying? Drop a comment below, Xx

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44 thoughts on “5 Makeup Ideas November 2017

  1. I honestly rarely think about makeup. I just forget about it? But I love the occasional post about “bolder” looks, and the midnight blue with glitter combo sounds amazing! I’d love to do it, though I probably won’t lol. It’s a combination I love on other things as well though!


    1. Hahah same here, perhaps that’s where I got it from! Midnight blue and glitter feels very NYE?! Xx

  2. These are all fantastic ideas! I’m such a fan of an orange lip- I think it’s so vibrant and just makes you instantly look ‘done’. I love the idea of the navy and green eyeliner too. I’m the same, I always do the same makeup look but I should try something different.

    Rachel xx

    1. That’s so true! The color is really a great one as it adds a nice touch without going too crazy! Xx

    1. Right? That’s a good balance of wearability. Love when makeup is a subtle statement! Xx

    1. I think it’d be a fun mix of different shades of green! I think dark purple or burgundy is another alternative that’s lovely with forest green. Also navy blue! Xx

  3. Oh yes – I should definitely try something new regarding make up ideas. Been a bit lazy lately, just using red or dark lipstick and always the same eyeliner and rouge 😉
    That orange lipstick and the fresh look are amazing ♥



    1. But I love you for being so bold with the lipstick game, so insanely fierce! I need to dare to go darker for sure! Xx

  4. Oh the green eyeliner sounds interesting! I can’t even do eyeliner but I still wanna give that a go, haha! 🙂

    Hope you are having a good week 🙂 I had the day off today and after a specialist appointment for the little one I dropped the boys off at their grandmother’s and did some Christmas shopping, yey!

    Away From The Blue Blog

    1. Hahaha I can barely do a liner in combo with an eyeshadow so I have a lot left to learn too. That’s lovely, need to start my own too! Xx

    1. The green liner and rosy cheeks are lovely, I think they’d look lovely in combination too! Same to you gorgeous, Xx

  5. I love midnight blue, I try to use it for smokey eye instead of dark brown and it looks so nice. Blue eyeshadow looks really good for brown eyes 🙂


  6. Ooooh I’m definitely going to give midnight blue a go! I’ve only ever worn black eyeliner and so that would be a really fun alternative to try this festive season. Also loving your ‘full on fresh’ makeup suggestion – all about that glow! 😉


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