5 Makeup Hacks To Try

You know the only reason I keep on sharing beauty hacks is because you all seem to love them so dearly? Which I do too though, as hacks are all about making life easier/better and we could all need some of that. If you’ve missed previous posts in the series, check this tag! Folks? Here are 5 Makeup Hacks To Try!

Makeup Hacks To Try: Jawline, Eyebrows, Strobing, Eyeliner and Fresh Makeup | The Fashion Folks

Define Your Jawline

So defined cheekbones have been quite the trend for awhile now, the next thing in the makeup game is to define the jawline. A fierce jawline is the equal to defined cheekbones. You use your usual contour kit and apply the dark shade along the jawline, leave your chin though. Be sure to also apply some darker shade on your neck to avoid an awkward makeup line. When I first tried this I didn’t think it made that much of a difference, but love it now! It gives some structure and edge which is favorable!

Heavy Eyes

I love my heavy eyeliner, heavy eyes kind of game going on. What I’ve learned by experimenting with different type of eyeliners through the years, is that the length and style of your wing has a major impact. I have several favorites when it comes to the wing, but if you want to create heavy eyes with the illusion of long lashes. Let the point of your wing be where the point of your outer lashes are. That will make the lashes blend in with the liner which will give that smize!

Highlight The Peaks aka Strobing

This is not that much of a hack but more of a reminder. If you’re short on time but need some glow to your face. Take your highlighter/coconut oil and apply it on the peaks of your face. Cheekbones, nose tip, in the center of the upper lip, chin and under your eyebrows. It will give an instant glow without the fuss of foundation, concealer, powder etc!

Natural Eyebrows

This whole “eyebrows on fleek” game is a genius makeup trend. People have their eyebrows back, you know.  If you want your eyebrows to look more natural though, and not that “obviously painted” on, you have to hide the makeup in the brows. That means that you should be lighter on the hand in the beginning of the brows, more defining in the middle and lighter towards the end again. You should not shape the eyebrows with the pen, but follow the natural shape. Fill in the gaps, define them and you might even want to brush through them lightly after you’re done. This will make the brow makeup blend better with the natural brows. Again, it’s nothing wrong with full painted on brows if that’s what you prefer. If you want to keep them natural though, you’ve done it wrong if I can see that they’re painted on, lol!

Fresh makeup

The eyes are inevitably where you can spot the state of your makeup. The majority of us probably suffer from makeup falling down under the eyes, which is not favorable. To prevent this from happening, using waterproof mascara and eyeliner might be a good idea. Also leaving the lower lashes bare can help. If you want to add some mascara on them however, make sure that you aren’t leaving the mascara on the skin, but the lashes only!

Folks that were some quick makeup hacks, which one do you like the most?! Leave a comment below! Xx

50 thoughts on “5 Makeup Hacks To Try

  1. Loving all the makeup hacks. Makes me feel reassured that I’m actually on trend with my makeup this year as I’ve been following all of these ideas! I could still improve on the brows and make them a little more natural looking but I’m having trouble finding the perfect product that accomplishes that. I also have a heavy hand which doesn’t help lol.

    xoxo Rina

    1. That’s so good though!! I’m always searching for perfect products for the eyebrows and I haven’t found it either, but I’m okey with my current ones. Hahh well, nope, being light on the hand is key unfortuanetly! But I think your eyebrows looks good though, so perhaps you are your own critic?! Xx


  2. Number 5 is definitely favourite – I came across an imagine on MAC’s instagram a while ago of their clear eye gloss used on the eyelids and it seriously made me wonder about just how (gorgeously!) far you could take the ‘no-makeup makeup’ concept 🙂 Hope you’re having a lovely week so far!


  3. I love outlining the jawline! As much as I love nice cheekbones, my jaw structure is a bit too round for my tastes, so doing a solid contour right underneath and then blending down into the neck has always been my favorite trick even when I don’t have much time to spare.

    Also- this is the first time I’m hearing of the proper way to fill in brows. I didn’t know that the tail end of the brow should be left lighter! I always accentuated it with a darker tone but now I’m going to focus on the light-dark-light fillin.

    Style Tomes ||ST on IG

    1. But it totally works right?! I love to do it, the definition is so good! I like to be lighter on the pen when filling them by the end as I think it gives the most natural result. Think as if you’re putting a shadow there instead of a line?! Hahah cause that makes sense! Xx


  4. I love makeup and beauty hacks because both don’t come easy to me, haha; so, having some tips to keep in mind make my life easier. Most of the time, I don’t use eye shadow, unless it’s for an event or special occasion, but I can rarely leave my house without eyeliner on both the top and lower lash lines. I love your tip for creating fuller lashes and defining the eye be ending the wing where the outer lashes end, it does make them appear fuller! Thanks so much for sharing, beauty, and I hope you’re having the best start to your week so far!



  5. Love your beauty hacks babe, I haven’t done that jawline thing yet but maybe I should give it a try on the weekend with more time though… 😉


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