5 Ideas For the Transitional Fashion 2022

Folks! As we’re slowly leaving summer behind, we’re entering the period with transitional fashion. In many people’s eyes this is peak fashion, with the perfect mix of light summer clothes and cozy fall fashion. Here are five ideas for the transitional fashion 2022! 

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Transitional Fashion 2022

Simple Dress & Chunky Cardigan

Summer is the time for dresses indeed, and especially those light, minimalist dresses. They’re the perfect go-to for warm summer days or just a casual night out. For a transitional outfit, take your favorite simple dress and pair it with a chunky cardigan. It’s a big bonus if either the cardigan or the dress is in a brighter color, for a sweet and stylish effect. Make sure at least on accessory is reconnecting with the cardigan for a cohesive outfit.

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Sweater & Shorts

Who doesn’t love a good pair of shorts for summer? They’re comfortable, casual and easy to style. A perfect and indeed classic outfit combination is to work a pair of shorts with a cozy sweater. I love this outfit both with denim shorts and a chunky sweater, but also a pair of comfy patterned short and a more minimalist sweater. Tuck in a part of the sweater in the middle to make the outfit more dynamic.

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Romantic Dress & Boots

So the romantic dress is definitely a summer vibe. I’m talking about that voluminous doll dress, often done in a pattern or pastel, that needs no styling. It’s often paired with sandals or slippers for summer, but for fall fashion, I say go with a pair of boots! Boots are always tremendously popular for fall, but even more so this fall in specific. High knee boots with a chunky sole are a must this fall, as well as the cowboy boots. So, try your romantic dress with boots next time! 

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Jeans & Summer Top

This outfit idea is really basic and wearable to anyone who doesn’t have time to put too much effort in. I say, just take your favorite pair of jeans and go for it with a summer top. A summer top can be anything from a cami top to a crop top or a peplum. A key to make this outfit work is to choose an accessory in a matching color! 

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Oversized Shirt as A Jacket

As the 80s and the 90s are trending, I say embrace the oversized shirt! It’s perfect for a final layer one a day when it’s a bit chilly but not enough for a jacket. Layer this over a slip dress, or a matching set for a simple, but stylish, outfit. Love the idea of going for high-waisted pants, matching crop top and an oversized shirt over.

Folks! Do you have a favorite from these transitional outfits? Let me know in the comments below! Xx

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