5 Fashion Trends That Should Make A Comeback

Let’s spice it up in the Stories category today folks! I’ve been trying to keep a somewhat distance to the fashion history as I did the posts weekly for about 3 months. But who am I kidding, I miss my weekly dose of history, so I’m going full on celebrating today. Here are 5 fashion trends that should make a comeback!

Fashion Trends That Should Make A Comeback


Edwardian Blouses

With all the blouses trending atm, the Edwardian blouse is not far off. It’s just a bit more of everything in context to the simplified lines of the current blouses/statement sleeves. The Edwardian blouse is a bit more conservative with a high neckline, more delicate details as ruffles, embroidery and lace. The high collar is quite the empowering one and a lovely balance to the oversized and voluminous sleeves that are in the spotlight. If today’s blouses are mainly about the statement sleeves, the Edwardian blouses are an entire statement on their own.  An Edwardian blouse with a pair of cigarette pants feels like the ultimate business chic with a fun twist. Perhaps they need to be modified to feel and look a bit more modern, but I think the base is pretty fun. Please make this happen folks!

Trends That Should Make A Comeback

Extremely Wide Legs

Continuing the statement life, the extremely wide legs of the 70s fashion is at another level. They’re fun, stylish and creates a nice silhouette. They made a comeback for the 00s fashion where the boho chic fashion was the go-to look for every other celebrity. But I’m serious about bringing the wide legs pants/jeans/jumpsuits back to match the current fashion too. I think the wide legs would be perfect to the statement blouse, the turtleneck, crop tops, jumpsuits and denim shirts. They’re genius to go with a high heel as it helps to balance all the fabric. The wide legs are perhaps most flattering when done in a jumpsuit, as the fabrics gets a nice flow and coherency with the print/colors of the whole clothing piece. Wide legs are also quite the comfy ones on warmer summer days!

Trends That Should Make A Comeback

The Shift Dress

Continuing on the comfy theme, the shift dress is comfortable, functional and stylish. Though emerging during the 1920s, the shift dress didn’t steady its position as a fashion staple until the 1960s. That’s when the dress made the ultimate comeback with its loose silhouette, statement colors and vibrant prints. The dress was perfect for the energy and buzz of the 60s as it was favorable to dance in, move around in and pretty much live in. (Which was a huge contrast to the hourglass figure/corset use/thin waist fashion of the 50s). The simple style of the dress and the subtle flow of garment embodied the youthful fashion that expanded during the decade, it became a feminine version of the masculine fashion. Folks, we need more of these for sure!

Trends That Should Make A Comeback

Artsy Prints and Patterns

The fourth trend that should make a comeback are the artsy prints and patterns of the 1930s/1940s. I mean, c’mon, how fun weren’t those? Instead of our ordinary, subtle, stripes, dots and geometric prints (they existed back then too though), they went kind of surrealistic with a lot of collabs between designers and artists. The question is if we’ll ever see a fashion piece so brilliant and iconic as Elsa Schiaparelli’s Lobster Dress with Salvador Dalí? Probably not. But hence that, bring back the fun prints of food, cars, animals, surrealism, paintings and anything imaginable for the fashionable life. It’s about time that we head in a direction of more prints and colors, we’ve had our fair share of neutral minimalism already! Pfft.

Trends That Should Make A Comeback

19th Century Sleeves

If you think that the statement sleeves of today are as far as you can push the boundaries of statement sleeves, think again. The statement sleeves of the 19th century was something else. We had the Gigot sleeves that were round shaped by the shoulders and narrowed down towards the wrists. The Pagoda sleeves are another genius example with a triangle shaped oversized style, going quite dramatic on the fabric flow. I don’t really care if they’re a matter of impracticality, I’d be happy just to work theses sleeves for a dress or a blouse and make my present clear by the statement of their volume. Fashion speaks too you know.

Folks! Which one of these fashion trends that should make a comeback is your favorite? Going for the Edwardian blouse, or the functionality of the shift dress? Xx

Trends That Should Make A Comeback

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22 thoughts on “5 Fashion Trends That Should Make A Comeback

  1. Those are all definitely great style. I wonder how they would look on me though…Hmmm??
    It would be fun to see how they would look today though as I’m sure there would be some creative spin to them, or some. xx

    Ann-Marie | http://facetocurls.com

    1. I’d love to see these trends in a more moder approach and adapted after the 21th century style, or at least a mix of then and now! Xx

  2. 19th century sleeves and Edwardian blouses? Yes please! We should really consider bringing back a number of centuries old fashionable details. Strictly fashionable things though, of course!


    1. Hahah oh me too. I have so many things that I’d just steal and redo from fashion history. LOVE! Xx

  3. I’ve already seen the edwardian blouses having a great come back. Seen the polka dotted top in the same style all over Instagram and it will probably be copied by many of the fast fashion brands. As for the wide leg pants, I’m also a huge fan of those, but they are so sooo so hard to find. Have a great day! xx


    1. Really? I’ve seen simplified versions but not the full on Edwardian look. Hahah have to do some stalking, I do realize! Xx

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