5 Beauty Tips Fall 2018

I feel like there isn’t enough beauty on this site atm. I’m the only person to blame, as I decide the content, but let’s change that and write more about colors, skincare tips and overall beauty hacks. First out are five beauty tips fall 2018! Just simple ways you can add more fall to your beauty life.

Beauty Tips Fall 2018Photo by STIL on Unsplash

5 Beauty Tips Fall 2018

Protect With Braids

Summer isn’t the nicest with your hair, but fall is not the nicest either with rain, harsh weather and annoying fabrics! My best way of dealing with this is braids. Really simple, I know, but we need those reminders too. Just by braiding your hair you keep it in place, can hide it under your scarf and also have pretty waves when letting it out! It’s also a great hack when you’re wearing lipstick/gloss and want to avoid your lipstick getting stuck!

Copper Shades

Adding warmer tones to your face is one way to match the fall colors in your outfit better. The copper shades are an example of this, or just the warmer metallics in general. Do your bronzer in a copper shade, add some to your eyeshadows or why not try your lips? There are lots of more transparent eyeshadows out there that will add a nice warm shimmer without interfering too much with the overall look. So pretty to do if you’re already working orange/brown/camel shades!

Double Mask

Treat yourself and your skin this year by doing a double mask. The first mask should be a peeling one to remove those dead skin cells and other impurities. After you’ve peeled your skin it’s important to moisturize which can be done with a moisturizing mask. Or if you layer your products and make sure to apply a bit extra love. A moisturizing mask can favorably be one you leave on for a bit longer (do follow the instructions though). But if you do DIY, leaving the coconut oil for 10 minutes longer won’t hurt. You can definitely be budget-friendly on this one and scan Pinterest for DIY recipes, both for the peel and moist!

Go a Step Darker

I talked about this hack over a year ago but it’s too good not to bring up again. Fall is about darker shades and while this is heavily present in the fashion, so can be the case for makeup. The idea is to choose a darker lipstick, some darker eyeshadows and nail polishes. Just creating another depth in your beauty life. It’s really pretty reaching for a wine red instead of apple red for example!

Metallic Top Coat

Coming back to metallics, they are a great way of being more glam in the daily life. And who doesn’t wanna be glam for the holidays? A simple quick way of doing this is to add a metallic top coat to your nail polish. Perhaps one with glitter (chose an eco-friendly one!), or a coat that adds extra shimmer! Be extra stylish and match with similar colors or go that extra step and let the colors clash!

Folks! How do you add fall to your beauty life fall 2018? Let me know in the comments! Xx

Photo by Wang Xi on Unsplash

10 thoughts on “5 Beauty Tips Fall 2018

  1. Metallics are one of my favourites, especially now in holiday season. It can never be too glittery or sparkly the next few weeks, it’s time to be a little more glamorous than usual. I’m so much looking forward to all the festive events.

    xx Simone
    Little Glittery Box

  2. These are such great tips! I LOVE the idea of double masking…my skin has so many different needs this time of year, that sounds like the perfect beauty treatment for me!

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