4 Fall Outfits Ideas

Folks! Continuing the theme from yesterday, let’s talk more about outfits and ideas. In fact, today I thought I’d share 4 fall outfits ideas that works whenever. As always, they are definitely chic and gets you to that fashion level we all love. They are also pretty awesome as you can adjust them to your own preferences and style. That regarding color, prints and silhouette. Some are more basic than others, but they all embodies fall!

Layers with a shirt

I talked about this look in How To Stay Warm And Fashionable. But it’s too classic and good not to mention again. Doing a sweater, or a blazer/cardigan over a shirt is simple but chic. A buttoned up shirt will give you a proper look, but also add a nice structure to the outfit. The key to pull this look off is to let the top piece be shorter than the shirt. So you’ll have the shirt peeking out by the neck, the wrists and the hemline. This will give a coherent impression and pull the details together. Not to forget,  I love adding a bow or a statement necklace to a buttoned up shirt. Especially a buttoned up shirt with a bow and a sweater over is too cute. If you’re bold about it, add a statement sweater!

Midi coat

This might sound ridiculous as it’s a matter of length, but a midi coat is quite the fashionable statement. The length is not the most common one and it’s beloved by fashionistas, which makes it associated with a higher level of fashion. A midi coat is also the perfect balance for skinny jeans and a pair of heels. Or why not frame an outfit consisting of a skirt and high boots with a midi coat? Also, a midi coat is perfect for playing around with scarves and belts. They add a chic touch and are practical all at once. Midi coats are perfect for fall outfits!

Mix prints

Another easy trick for creating an interesting outfit is by mixing prints. I’ve talked more about this in How To Mix Prints (Like A Pro). The main idea remains though, mixing prints is a great way of taking an outfit from simple to fashionista. As fall colors are more subtle than popping and bright ones of summer, I’d even state that it’s easier to mix prints during fall. The clash of prints won’t be as crazy and the meeting point of two prints can be in the color scale. Just look at the print mix below! It’s in the details, it’s kind of subtle but it still adds the chic touch. 


Sweater Weather

So the sweater weather life was the subject of last week’s post. It’s definitely worthy of a mention again though! Doing a sweater outfit for fall is kind of mandatory and it’ll definitely get you in a cozy mood. Sweaters are easy to pull off and match with whatever. You can do a statement one or a more plain one. Picking a sweater in a fun color definitely adds to the game. I’d also suggest doing a sweater with high boots to keep the elements in the outfit balanced. As stated above, a sweater is also really chic to do with a buttoned up shirt and even better when it’s a statement. If you have some sweaters in your wardrobe, you know that you have a good couple of outfits in store!

Folks, what are some of your favorite fall outfits do you like to wear? Leave a comment below! Xx

39 thoughts on “4 Fall Outfits Ideas

  1. AH perfect – love all of the outfits!!! First it seems so hard to get into the fall/ winter mood but then I always realize that I do really like jeans, layering and sweatersssss <3 hahaha


  2. The season has made jumpers almost a necessity and I just LOVE it haha – there’s so many styling options when it comes to chunky knits and layers. Clashing prints is always a lot of fun too and something I need to do more of – thanks for the advice! 🙂


  3. As always, you’ve got such great ideas here, girlie! I love that you mentioned layering a button-up shirt here, which really does add a nice polished structure to an outfit when peeking through. It’s funny, I only ever where them during this time of year and in through the holiday season and I almost always team it with a statement necklace, too! I love the look of a midi coat, it’s functional for added warmth and it look so chic! I’m in the market for a black and camel one, wish me luck. Thanks so much for sharing, gorgeous girlie, and I hope you’re having a great start to your week so far!



    1. Well you know what they say, great minds thinks alike! Hahah lovely that we often sync with fashion ideas and the way we view fashion/style. So chic to do a statement necklace to a buttoned up shirt, and so chic with a midi coat too. They’re just way too stylish for the season! Xx


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