4 Common Beauty Mistakes

Okey, just to clarify: I’m not a beauty expert nor am I educated in this, this is just some pretty well-known, common, beauty mistakes I’ve learned about (and done myself) through my general interest in beauty. I try to be as general as possible in this article but please make sure to adjust this so it suits you. With that said, here’s four common beauty mistakes we all do but definitely should stop doing! Or if not stop, at least reduce the use or behaviour!

Common Beauty Mistakes Skincare

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Common Beauty Mistakes

Using Makeup Wipes

I’m unfortunately a big fan of makeup wipes and have been for years (like yeaaaars), but truth to be told is that they’re not the best for you. First of all, they’re not that environmental friendly as they’re disposable. They’re also bad for your skin and tend to be way too rough. A makeup cleanser and rinsing with water is way more effective in comparison and much more gentle on your skin. The past months I’ve only used makeup wipes when I’ve been really tired (aka lazy) or haven’t had my makeup cleanser with me. I think it’s a start at least!

Not Using Sunscreen

I know a lot of us want our skincare routines to have immediate effect but what’s more realistic is that the result will be visible over time. One product in specific it’s really accurate for, is sunscreen. By applying a proper SPF each morning you prevent premature skin aging, dark spots and skin damage. These are factors that won’t be shown immediately, but if you’ve gone years without sunscreen, it’ll likely show. Other things you can do to protect your skin from the sun is to wear a cap and sunglasses.

Use Products in the Wrong Order

Nothing like investing in your skincare products only to not notice any difference because you’re using them in the wrong order! I mean, I get it. Between essence and toner and serum and whatever, it’s not always easy knowing what comes first or last. The rule to keep in mind is that the lightest layers are applied first and the thickest products last. That means that you should go from face mist to face oil. The reason is that it’s difficult for the thin products to penetrate the skin if you’re already covered in an oil or heavy lotion. I have to say though that I love to end my routine with a face mist, I just love that final layer of spraying a light layer. Perhaps a waste, but I’m working on it!

Not Knowing Your Skin type

Another common beauty mistake is not knowing your skin type. I mean, a cleanser is always a cleanser but if you’re gonna spend money on it you might as well make sure that it’s the best cleanser for you. Optimize its effect you know. This can only be done if you know your skin type. Once you do, you can buy products that are specified for the cause as well as makeup products. That way you’ll make the most of your products and also get the value of your spent money. Most of us are on the drier side, but make sure to look it up!

Folks! Are you guilty of doing any of these common beauty mistakes? Let me know in the comments below! Xx

16 thoughts on “4 Common Beauty Mistakes

    1. Indeed! Hahaha I hope I really notice a difference when I’m twice as old! Xx

    1. It’s great indeed when the SPF is high enough in the makeup! Xx

  1. When I switched to a Korean skincare beauty routine it took me a while to figure out what order to use products! Great tips!

    1. It’s definitely not easy haha! Especially as so many products feel pretty similar! Xx

  2. I am a repeat offender with makeup wipes for sure. I never use them on my skin, but I use them daily to remove my mascara. Do you have any makeup remover suggestions? I feel like nothing gets rid of all that mascara like a makeup wipe and I need to find an alternative. Happy Wednesday, Mia! xx


    1. I agree with you though haha so much easier to remove the mascare with makeup wipes. I know there are some oils and balms you can use and press them on your lashes a few seconds and the mascara will disolve? I don’t know any specific brand though, I’ve been doing it with specific oils for removing eyemakeup and it’s been okey but not as effective. I’m more curious about pressing for a few seconds and then it’s off. Hahah let’s start a search together!

    1. I didn’t know this until a year ago or so! I’d probably keep on doing them if they weren’t bad for the skin, they’re perfect when you’re lazy! Xx

    1. Hahah it took me a year from deciding that I wanted to use SPF to actually using it, so you’re fine haha! Xx

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