3 Ways To Style High-Waisted Jeans Fall 2021

If you need some inspiration for the weekend, here’s an article on how to style your high-waisted jeans fall 2021! Of course there are kind of endless ways you can make the high-waisted jeans work; but there are three ways in specific that are trendy as fudge this fall. 

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Jeans Fall 2021

With a Cardigan

I wrote about the cardigans fall 2021 in this article. One fashionable way to work your cardigan this fall is with your HW jeans. Go for a chunky and/or colorful cardigan and match it with some sneakers or boots. You can even go for kitten heels if the weather allows. If you want to make this look more glam, add an Alice headband or a scarf around your neck. You could also add a brooch to the knitted cardigan. 

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With a Cropped Jacket

It’s always a good idea to pair high-waisted jeans with cropped tops/jackets/sweaters/whatever. A cropped jacket will give the illusion of looong legs, especially if you also go for heels. The 70s vibe will be intact if you also add a turtleneck, but you can keep it more modern with a graphic t-shirt or why not a fitted body? 

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With a Statement Blouse

If you want to make your jeans more glam, go for a statement blouse/top. This is guaranteed to make your jeans more interesting, and more full of life. You can match the vibe of the blouse with some pumps, a clutch or some layered jewellery. Big bonus if the top is voluminous, or the sleeves are statement. That will add life to your outfit. 

Folks! How are you working the high-waisted jeans fall 2021? Let me know in the comments below! Xx

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