3 ways you can style your coat

First of all, folks, sorry for the delay of this week’s #throwback post. It’s a major one so it’ll pop up here tomorrow instead! Secondly, let’s get to the post, lol:

So last week I talked about staying warm and fashionable. Because truth to be spoken is that fall and winter fashion tend to be rather static. Even though it’s easy to create different and fun looks when the temperatures are bearable, hiding under the same coat for a few months is an easy thing to do! So here are 3 ways you can style your coat and make it look different each time! (And yes, it’s a quick-guide)

With a scarf

The Fashion Folks should really change its slogan to: The Fashion Folks: Add a scarf! I know I keep coming back to this but a scarf is that much of a game changer. It adds color, texture and pattern to an outfit. Which is a lot considering that it’s only a simple piece of fabric (not to forget that it keeps you warm). Adding a scarf in a contrasting color/pattern to your coat is a great way of giving the look a new touch! As scarves are quite cheap and easy to store, one can’t possibly have too many! A scarf is also great for layering as it adds that extra layer, without being heavy.

With a defining belt

Not all coats are appropriate with a belt, but some work surprisingly well with some definition. Add a belt to your coat to get some action in the silhouette. This will not only shape the coat to a new style, but also add an interesting touch with the style of the belt. Doing one in the same color is a subtle way of playing with the silhouette, doing one that’s contrasting is a statement indeed!

With contrasting accessories

As you can tell, this guide is mostly about creating contrasts. Adding a hat, gloves, bag and even shoes that are in contrast to the coat are other ways of doing it differently. The different colors of the accessories will put a new light on the coat. Instead of always opting for the same hat, be aware of how it goes along with your coat and choose accordingly. Folks? It’s all about the details!

Bonus tips: Style Your Coat

Well now I’m doing the job for you, but here’s a chic look that works everywhere and every time: Use your coat as an extra layer. If you have a coat that’s a bit oversized, use it as a top layer in an outfit. Hang it on the shoulders for a chic effect and have that extra layer to keep you warm! See how Aimee Song did below:

Folks! What are your best tips on ways to style your coat?

50 thoughts on “3 ways you can style your coat

  1. Scarves have such a brilliant ability to transform outfits and coats especially – good point! I love your suggestion on mixing in clashing accessories too 🙂


  2. Perfect post for this impending cold weather upon us all! I love a good chunky scarf this time of the year. It really can be a game changer for the overall styling of an outfit. I also love the idea of layering jackets. For a person that is always cold, even in the summer, this option is perfect for me! Super stylish and extremely warm too!

    xoxo Rina

  3. I am equally as passionate about scarves, they really can completely transform an outfit! While I don’t have much need to wear coats living in LA, I definitely can relate to getting bored by the same old coat look on repeat thanks to my childhood and early adult days in Seattle. The same look gets so dull during the fall and winter! Scarves really can make a huge difference.

  4. This is such a great post, beauty! When winter rolls around and the only part of your outfit that’s visible is your coat (lol) it can seem rather boring and difficult to try and add a little spark and flare; these tips are wonderful for doing just that! Like you’ve said, it’s all in the details and if all you have is just one neutral coat, you can change up the vibe and style by adding and switching up the accessories! Thanks so much for sharing, beauty, and I hope you’re having the best week so far!



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