3 Trendy Shoes 2021

Folks! Let’s talk about shoes 2021! Shoes are definitely getting their fair share of the spotlight and feel more and more statement. A lot of the trends right now are about that chunky, statement, style. Here are three trendy shoes 2021: 

Trendy Shoes 2021

Chunky Gladiator

An upcoming trend are the chunky gladiator shoes. The gladiator shoes had a major moment ten years ago, and were a part of every fashionista’s wardrobe. This time around, they’re about the chunky style! They’re often done as platforms, and with a thicker lacing. The shoes are stylish to pair with preppy midi dresses for a fun contrast! Or why not a silk skirt? I’d say that jeans and pants with gladiator can look a bit off, but if you insist on the combination: go for a cropped style! 

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Low Block Heels

The low heel is also trending, especially the block heel. Doesn’t matter if it’s a pair of slippers or ballerinas, this style of shoe is a safe choice for spring 2021. I think this style is a great investment as it’s fairly neutral, but with the fun twist of the statement heel. I love the idea of working this preppy shoe with a pair of cropped jeans, or cigarette pants. It’s also a good idea with voluminous pieces, as it adds some height to the outfit. I’d avoid going for dresses and skirts that are tight, as the shoes will likely feel and look too clumsy. Better to go for a more elegant heel if so, or go for an A-line style.

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Squared Shoes

You’ve probably already noticed how the squared shoes increased in popularity last year. And, they’re here to stay this year too. They’re mainly done as sandals, ballerinas and ankle boots. I’ve stated it before, but I don’t think this style of shoe is here to stay – so skip this one if you’re not completely in love with it. Or, you could invest in the squared style if the color is fairly neutral. The lime green squared sandals are not here to say, but a squared black kitten heel might do! It’s all about finding the balance. You can style the squared style as you’d do a normal one. 

Folks! What are your thoughts on these trendy shoes spring 2021? Let me know in the comments below! Xx

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  1. I love gladiator sandals! You actually just reminded me that I have a pair in my closet that need to be worn. Especially after last year and only wearing flip flops or no shoes at all lol. Happy weekend!



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