3 Trendy Outfits December 2017

Okey, fair enough, this post is slightly against my principle of not wanting to encourage people to dress like everyone else. But it’s fun indeed to take a look at very specific trendy outfits every now and then. It says quite a lot about 1) the current trends 2) the current styles 3) the collective idea of “what” one should look like these days. Also, nothing better like getting some ideas from trendy elements you enjoy, right? Here are three very specific and trendy outfits December 2017. As always folks, be inspired by these ideas but make them your own and don’t listen to me as I just ramble a lot, like a lot a lot. 

Trendy Outfits December 2017 - Gucci Pre-Fall 2017

Courtsey of Gucci | Pre-Fall 2017

Long Sweater, Midi Skirt and Boots

I adore this trendy style due to several reasons. One of them, a very central one, is that the silhouette is painfully awkward. Is kind of a casual mermaid-silhouette but gone more edgy. The long sweater (often hitting below the knee) with a long midi skirt and some high boots is a very trendy look at the moment. I think it’s mainly because of the problem with cold temperatures and working the midi skirt which makes the boots perfect to add. Also the fact that sweaters are an item of fall and works well with the rest of the elements makes the three a match. If you want to try this outfit I think that one essential thing is to go for different colors in the three elements. Even better if you go monochromatic and pick a lighter grey shade for the sweater, a darker for the skirt and the darkest for the boots. I mean, can you go more fashion? Pretty sure not. Don’t forget to mix the texture elements too of knitwear and (faux) leather, suede – it ought to be a hit. Also, if you’re unsure about the silhouette, go for a shorter sweater as it’ll balance the silhouette better.

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Statement Blazer and Belt Bag

Oh my, if the 80s and the 90s were to have a fashion child this is what it would look like. You have the statement blazer of the 80s and the belt bag (aka fanny pack or waist bag) of the 90s. This is actually quite the clever trend as the 80s statement blazer needs some structure and one way to do it is by adding a belt. BUT (there’s always buts), a regular belt looks a bit off and often clashes with the buttons and the imbalance of volume. A belt bag looks more heavy however and makes a great counterpart by both defining the waist but also adding structure in the outfit. Go for your statement blazer and try to match it with a belt bag. I’d say starting with neutral elements is a safe way of getting ahead.

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Teddy Coat and Leather Pants

I talked about this combination in an outfit a few weeks ago (oh well, it was patent leather – but still) and it keeps on growing. The reason to its success is quite simple as the teddy coats are voluminous, cozy and fluffy and are in need of some edge for a good balance. This is where the leather comes in. Leather is associated with edge, attitude and streetwear which makes up for a perfect balance in relation to the fluffy texture of the teddy coat. So next time you work your teddy coat, pair it with your leather pants or leggings. Patent leather and suede are two other materials that are great to balance it with. And folks, remember to go faux on all elements in this outfit!


Folks! What do you think about these trendy outfits December 2017? Have you tried them yourselves or are you excited to work them soon? Let’s chat in the comments!

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26 thoughts on “3 Trendy Outfits December 2017

    1. Of course they do, but my point was centered to the fact that everyone doesn’t need to dress like everyone else, and I felt that I had to acknowledge why I choose to bring it up as this is not about trendy details but completed looks, I prefer when people create their own style. But nothing like a good dose of inspiration, right? Picking the best of the trends is the way to do it and I do it daily! Xx

  1. I like the new look and feel of your site! You made some changes, right? (Or am I imagining things…?) These looks are maybe a little too trendy for me, I’m not sure I could pull them off. But maybe a long sweater, boots, and a knee-length skirt? Baby steps for me…

    1. Hahah no I have changed things up a bit! Thank you love. I think the last one is quite wearable for anyone, love the layering! Xx

  2. I do like the teddy coat trend, although I have no leather of faux leather pants to pair it with if I was to get one, haha! THat would be the one I’d be most likely to try though 🙂

    Hope you are having a great start to the week and all your Christmas preparation is going well! I’m hoping to wrap some more presents today!

    Away From The Blue Blog

  3. You don’t ramble! It’s helpful for me to see what is trending because sometimes I feel like everyone around me is solely wearing leggings for December 2017 😉 The midi skirt with boots is something I love love! Maybe I’ll add the sweater in too xx


    1. Hahah well leggings for December 2017 sounds like a lovely thing though! Adore the combo too, fierce one to embrace! Xx

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