3 Trendy Colors Spring 2020

You know what, folks? Sometimes, fashion is about black, white and grey, and sometimes fashion is about the more “statement” neutral colors, such as the trendy colors spring 2020. There are three trendy colors this season that are neutral in different ways, but are still a nice step away from the traditional black/white/grey style. In other words, these are great if you want to expand your color comfort zone but not go to crazy! 

Trendy Colors Spring 2020


Blush is honestly one of my best colors right now. It’s warm, it’s neutral and it’s easy to style. Blush is also a perfect shade for spring/summer with its warm and faded pink hue. Blush is a chic match with red, beige, olive green, white and grey. I also like to wear blush with jeans or leather material for a more energetic look. Blush in lace material ought to be preppy and feminine, while blush for hoodies, leggings and t-shirts are popular activewear atm. Blush is a great color to pair with floral prints as well as animal ones. Especially snake print is a chic match with blush!

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Dove Blue

Another trendy color spring 2020 is dove blue! I’d also say that baby blue in general is trendy, although the two colors are pretty similar. Dove blue is stylish to pair with blush, red, lavender, sunny yellow, green, navy blue and white. If you wear a lot of grey, you can try dove blue as an alternative, a bright grey is pretty similar to the hue. In general, dove blue is chic for blouses and dresses, as well as skirts. It’s all about maintaining that sophisticated vibe. Dove blue with leopard and red is a retro combination, but one we’ll see more of this spring. 

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Olive Green

Lastly, we have olive green! This color is perhaps never really out of style, but not always in the spotlight either. Well, that is kind of changing this spring/summer season as it’s all about the faded shade of green! What I like about olive green is that it’s universally flattering. It’s also a chic match with anything brown, beige or camel. Blush, orange and navy blue are other examples of chic colors to go with oliver green. Anything (faux) suede, leather or fur is chic with olive green. Leopard is chic, but also floral patterns with orange or anything geometrical! 

Folks! What are your thoughts on these trendy colors spring 2020? Let me know in the comments below! Xx

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  1. I’m so glad blush is sticking around–it’s one of my favorites too and I can’t get enough of it. And I’m always a fan of olive too. I think I need some more pale blue in my life though!

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