3 Stylish Street Style Looks

Folks! I know you love the street style of the fashion weeks as much as I do, so why not do a post on some of the best street style looks and why they work? Like, breaking down the styling! I know we’re only halfway through the fashion month, but I think we need some inspo asap as there’s a new season with fall and so!

Stylish Street Style Looks

Purple Top To Toe

Now this outfit shows how one color can be worked top to toe in a really chic way. By choosing a bright purple you keep the outfit pretty neutral. Breaking it off with some pink adds a subtle, but favorable contrast. If you have a matching blazer and pants, try and match with a similar color to get the monochromatic look. This outfit is a really nice alternative if you enjoy the office style as it’s preppy, yet fashionable with the play of colors!

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Pop of Neon

As talked about in this post, colors are trendy now and they’ll be trending next year too – especially neon. This simple and wearable look with a neon top paired with black shows how the bold color can be done in an easy way. No fuzz with the styling! You only have to keep it down to another color, preferably a neutral, (like black or white, grey or navy blue) and let the color do its thing. Remember to keep the materials interesting, like done here with some leather! It’s all about the edge!

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Midi Dress With Boots

I know I’ve talked about this combination before and I have to mention it again! I know some people shy away from pairing a midi dress with boots as the combination can look a bit heavy. But in this outfit it’s done so well by choosing a pair of boots that are rather defined. The dark blue hue also helps creating a more defined look which contrasts the white crispy color. Also, emphasising on the waist with the bag, helps creating a balance to the long style of the dress. Try your midi dress with your OTK boots and see what happens!


Folks! What are your thoughts on these stylish street style looks from NYFW? Let me know in the comments! Xx

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30 thoughts on “3 Stylish Street Style Looks

    1. Purple top to toe can be such a fun one! Especially since purple is trending and there’s so many different ways to do it! Xx

  1. I would say Street Style is my favorite part at every Fashion Week, it is where all trends are settled down to earth!

    My favorite is the neon one, maybe is not a trend for me and I’ve lately seen it in Balenciaga and many other brands 😉

  2. Yes yes yes!!! Thanks for all the inspo – perfect for late summer and early autumn 🙂
    And reminds me that I should wear my purple suit a bit more often 😉
    Not sure about the neon yet but that turtleneck does look pretty cool though… 😉



  3. I’m loving the purple suit, so pretty and I love it combined with the pop of pink, too. I also love the neon. It can be quite challenging to wear, but the babe you’ve featured nailed it. Thanks for the inspo, girl!



  4. Ooh I love the pop of neon with the all-black look! I’m kind of glad to hear that neon will still be going strong.

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