3 Stylish Outfit Ideas Summer 2022

Folks! How is your (fashion) summer going? Mine is going quite well, but I feel like in between warm weather and comfy go-to outfits, I could step up my fashion game. And what’s a better way to do this than to get some inspiration going with these stylish outfit ideas summer 2022?

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Outfit Ideas Summer 2022

Oversized top + Shorts

If you haven’t noticed already, the shorts are making a big comeback. The leading style of shorts is undoubtedly the oversized navy style á la the 90s. But of course, denim shorts are also in style as well as high-waisted styles. I love the idea of going for a more oversized shirt with some longer 90s shorts. Like tucked in with a belt too, for some definition.  Also denim shorts with a puffy blouse are a stylish choice this summer. 

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Slip Dress + Statement Shoes

The slip dress is definitely a go-to dress this summer. It’s easy to pull off, it’s luxe and it’s perfect for those crazy hot summer days. Fair enough that some slip dresses can look a bit dull, but that’s easily fixed with some statement shoes. Doesn’t really matter if it’s a pair of chunky sandals, cute ballerinas or stilettos – work with what you have at home!  A fun bonus if they’re done in a clashing color, as you’ll create a chic fashion statement. You can match your bag with either your slip dress or the statement shoes for a glam look. 

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Monochromatic Statement

A go-to look for me this summer is anything monochromatic! Like an all white look is very classic and very fresh for summer. Anything neon is a fun energetic vibe, and anything pastel is calm and sophisticated. Of course everything doesn’t need to be in the exact same color, but it’s favorable if you keep them in a similar hue. Like a navy blue dress with some dove blue shoes work! I think it’s best to have your wardrobe as the base and make it work from there. 

Folks! What’s your best outfit ideas summer 2022? Let’s chat in the comments below! Xx

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