3 Smart Outfit Hacks 2022

Folks! Who doesn’t love a good outfit hack? A outfit hack is anything that makes wearing the clothing piece easier or more chic. It can also be about finding more ways to work the same clothing piece. Here are some smart outfit hacks 2022! 

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Smart Outfit Hacks 2022

Layer Over Dress

A simple but very easy hack is to make your dress a skirt. You do this easily by adding a cropped sweater/shirt/top/whatever over your dress. You can also shake it up a bit and add a shorter dress over a longer dress. This works perfectly if your first dress is fitted and a bit longer, but you want to add some volume with a shorter dress on top. A slip dress can also work over a fitted dress. 

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Chunky Cardigan

Of course, you don’t have to go for a jacket or blazer if it’s a colder day, you can also choose a chunky cardigan! With a chunky cardigan you have room to wear a voluminous dress or top under. A chunky cardigan when buttoned can also work as an extra top and be fun with a silky midi skirt or with some cropped jeans. The chunky cardigan with a shirt is also the perfect balance of casual chic. 

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Tuck It In

If you think your top or sweater looks a bit dull, try to tuck it in! This will create a more defined silhouette and make your outfit more interesting. My favorite way is to pull the fabric to the centre, make a twist and flip the twist inwards, against your stomach, and then tuck it in. This will draw the attention to the middle of the outfit and balance it better. You can also tuck it in fully around the waist and then loosen it a bit and make it look more casual. 

Folks! What are your best smart outfit hacks 2022? Let’s chat in the comments below!

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12 thoughts on “3 Smart Outfit Hacks 2022

    1. So true! It’s all about twisting the details until you get it right! Xx

  1. Hello Mia, I hope you had a nice week!

    Pretty amazing tricks and hacks to elevate any outfit! I think it has to do with paying attention to the details. Sometimes you don’t even have to waste more money, like the “tuck in” trick when you have a sweater/jumper and it can change your outfit in a matter of seconds. The chunky cardigan option is also good, I’d love to get one soon and style in those chilly afternoons 🙂

    Have a lovely weekend!

    1. Hey Pablo! My week was great, really enjoyed the first days of June! I’m so happy you like these alternatives Pablo, so true that they’re affordable and you can work with what you already got. And yes to a chunky cardigan, they’re everything! Xx

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