3 signs of spring fashion

Folks, it’s May so I still feel that there is room for spring posts. Right?!  Anyways, I thought we’d talk about 3 signs of spring fashion! If you have yet to embrace the spring life fashion fully, hopefully this post will help you even further!

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Courtsey of Valentino (Resort 2017)

Mixing Prints

Okey, fine, perhaps that the first step of spring fashion is to wear print to begin with. Add the stripes, the flowers and animal prints. It’s something with spring fashion and its clothes that are often more favorable for prints. I think one of the reasons might be that prints inevitably are creative and artsy, which adds a layer of playfulness. Spring is often a period of optimism, sun and warm feelings. Something that goes hand in hand with the playful side of prints. Embrace spring? Embrace a print!

The next step is to mix them with one another to get an even more fun contrast. Read this post for some inspiration or this post on how to wear stripes. There are so many specific print combinations that are specifically fun to do, and I’ve talked about them before, but some of my favorites are: stripes & florals, stripes & leo, florals & florals, snake print & stripes. Read this post to grasp the basis of print mixing.

Show some skin

When I say that showing some skin can be a sign of spring, I mean that the clothes we wear are often cropped, off shoulder or midi. Clothing pieces like midi skirts, culottes, crop tops, off shoulder dresses/tops, midi dresses are all a sign that spring is here. Of course one can work them during the winter months too, but they are inevitably more practical to wear for spring/summer with warmer temperatures. So if you have yet to feel that spring/summer vibe, head for pieces that are breezy and light. Why not an off the shoulder top? Or some statement sleeves in a fun cut?

Mixing Colors

The same principle of prints being suitable for the spring life, as it’s playful, same goes for colors. I’m not talking dove colors, but bright pastels and popping shades that are energetic and lively. Combining colors gives an even better effect as they brings out the best of one another. If you’re uncertain about what shades goes together, the first step is to dare to mix colors. There’s no combination in the world that is a complete no-no. Even though we all have our color combinations we avoid to match, a lot of them can be saved. So don’t be afraid to mix and try different shades.

The second thing, if you’re still uncertain, is to know some foolproof color combinations. Mixing colors within the same shade works perfectly. For instance, different shades of blue as dove blue and navy works perfectly. Warm colors as red, orange, yellow and pink are often foolproof to mix too. Read this post for more ideas.

Folks! What are your ultimate signs of spring fashion? A print? A color? Xx

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46 thoughts on “3 signs of spring fashion

  1. We’ve barely had any spring weather so I’ve been a bit delayed with some of the trends this Spring I feel. I’ve been wearing a lot of boots and warm clothing because it’s been so rainy and yuck overall. I hope to try some pattern mixing in the near future and as you saw I did bring a pop of red to my blog yesterday! I had so much fun incorporating a lil color into the mix and hope to do more for my trip =)

    Rina Samantha

    1. Oh yesss, can’t wait to see your European fashion touch. Haha I’m looking forward to it babe! Xx

  2. I agree with everything you’ve mentioned here, especially that no color combination is a no-no! I’m a firm believer in this because there are so many different hues and shades to every color that can be worked with. I mean, who ever thought that pink and yellow would look so good? But when done in the right shades, it looks so pretty!



    1. Right? Hahah I think that you and I are two of the few bloggers that get so specific with our colors! We love them, don’t we?! Xx

    1. All three of them are lovely individually and even more fun together! Xx

  3. Oh yes, it’s definitely time for Spring-related posts! All of your suggestions have got me wanting 100% sunshine now haha; loving your idea of statement sleeves in unusual cuts, and off-the-shoulder tops. That blue and white asymmetrical shirt shown in this post, oh my gosh, so perfect…


    1. Right? That’s perfection right up there. So obsessed with it too, Xx

    1. Practice makes perfect indeed! So much fun to play with it all too! Xx

  4. Spring prints and colors are my favorite! I think I need to get some off the shoulder tops this spring, it’s such a fun trend!

    1. It is indeed, just annoying as f. Hahah but you’ll still look stylish though! Xx

    1. It is indeed, lovely way of adding the playfulness to an outfit. OH exciting babe, shall check soon! Xx

    1. Oh yes haha (and thank you babe)!!! Okey here we go: klein blue + orange, green + hot pink, orange + lemon yellow, red + pink, burgundy + pink, lime green + denim, camel + orange, lavender + pink. Haha I could go on and on! Another safe combo is always to go for opposite shades within the same color. Like dove blue and navy, baby pink and hot pink. I always go for that when I’m out of inspo! Xx

  5. I am so proud of myself for buying more clothes than makeup recently! LOL! I finally bought my first cold shoulder top and it’s in animal print too! Not sure if I dare showcase it online though…

    1. Hahah that’s lovely! HAVE to see that top so I do indeed expect an outfit pic! Xx

  6. I love that the spring gives us more room to play with color and pattern. The winter is so drab, but the spring definitely allows for these fun mixes!
    xo, Whitney and Blaire
    Peaches In A Pod

    1. Spring surely allows us to mix prints and colors. So much more fun! Xx

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