3 Practical Hairdos Summer 2020

For us with long hair, summer is a somewhat challenging season. Between spending time in the water and sweating in the sun, the hair tends to get quite messy and in the way. That’s why a simple hairdo is a good idea. You’ll get your hair out of the way and at the same time you’ll have a chic hairdo! I’ve listed three practical hairdos summer 2020 below: 

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Hairdos Summer 2020

French braids/Dutch braids

Braiding your hair is a must if your hair always gets messy! You’ll also have a nice wavy hair style when you’ve undone the braids. I love doing both french braids and dutch braids, as well as fish tail. I’m not too good, but hey, I’m practicing! There are different ways you can go for a braided look. Either you do your bangs, a part of the hair or all of the hair. Find some stylish versions here.

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Hair Accessory

One of this summer’s biggest trends is the hair accessory. I’m pretty sure you’ve noticed, because they’re everywhere. A hair barrette will add a nice detail to your outfit, but also keep your hair in place. Adding a scarf to your hairdo is also a terrific idea and a nice complement to your summer outfit. Headbands are great if you want to keep your hair out of your face. I think investing in a colorful or patterned hair accessory is the way to do it this summer! It’s a simple way of adding more color to your summer style without going overboard. 

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A Bun

And hey, let’s not forget about the bun! I like my buns both messy but also perfected. Going for a either high or low bun is great when you’re tired of your hair. I think the bun is a stylish hairdo if you’re working voluminous dresses or tops, as you’ll keep the look mess-free with the hair away. You can make your bun life more interesting by wrapping a scarf around it or do it with a scrunchie! 

Folks! Do you have a favorite of these practical hairdos summer 2020? Let me know in the comments below! Xx

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12 thoughts on “3 Practical Hairdos Summer 2020

  1. I loveeeee french braids! I can’t really pull it off though but I love the look of it! I usually just have my hair down and curled lol. Hope you’ve been well!

    1. Well that’s a beautiful hairstyle too though!! Same to you babe! Xx

  2. I’ve recently mastered the french braid. I made myself practice over and over on Aviah until I finally got it and it looked presentable to even consider a hairstyle, lol! Now I want to tackle the dutch braid. It looks so much more interesting and fancier. Thanks for the inspo, girl!


    1. Hahah love that though!! Perfect to practice on your daughter’s hair!! Xx

    1. I felt the same way, but then the hair accessory trend came along and I decided to experiment more!! Xx

  3. I wish I were better at braiding! I can’t figure out how to french/dutch braid my own hair, even though I know technically how to do it. I do love hair accessories though and really need to get a few headbands!

    1. practice practice practice! I’m not good either, but I’ve definitely improved! Xx

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