3 Makeup Looks Spring 2021

Here’s some makeup inspiration to inspire you! As we change fashion after the seasons, why not change your makeup game? Or at least try something new? Here are three makeup looks spring 2021 to try today: 

Makeup Looks Spring 2021

Subtle Eyeliner

If you have Instagram, Pinterest or Tik Tok, you’ve probably already seen that the subtle eyeliner look is everywhere. Or subtle might not be the proper word, but eyeliners that are done with eyeshadows to create a more soft and natural appearance. I think this trend sort of emerged with the foxy eyes trend, but not to sure. Anyway, the idea is that instead of your regular liquid black eyeliner, go for a softer dark grey or brown and shade yourself an eyeliner instead. It should be in line with your lashes to create that “smize”. 

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The sunkissed look is staying trendy this year too. The sunkissed look is all about creating the effect of some extra time spent in the summer. This can be about going for a bronzer, applying some blush in the right places or add some fake freckles. It can also be about everything at once! I suggest that you keep it fairly light and natural though, as the idea of the sunkissed look is to get that natural glow. Adding a setting spray that adds glow could also do in keeping it dewy and healthy.

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The pastel eyeshadows are perfect for spring if you ask me, an adorable idea to match your eyeshadows with your clothes. You can also make this look work by going for a warm pastel, it will keep things more toned down. However, if you want your pastel eyeshadow to pop – make sure to choose a brand with good coverage. You can also make the effect popping with a black eyeliner or a good lash game; just something that will contrast the sweet and preppy pastel! 

Folks! What are your thoughts on these makeup ideas spring 2021? Let me know in the comments below! Xx

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6 thoughts on “3 Makeup Looks Spring 2021

  1. Hi again Mia,

    These three looks are achievable and easy to get right? And they can change the personality of the whole look in a matter of minutes. I loved all the options but the sunkissed is perfect for spring-summer or when you need a bit of glow. The one is pastels is also perfect for the season, you can paire it with your favorite cardigan and you can create the perfect combination 😉


    1. I agree! It’s easy to recreate and try, even if you’re a beginner at makeup! Xx

    1. Gloss shades are always so gorgeous, definitely a good thing to try! Xx

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