3 Gorgeous Makeup Looks 2020

So how about some makeup inspo for summer? Well, I know the makeup life during summer is not the best one. Hot temperatures and a lot of time in the sun paves way for a messy, sweaty makeup. That’s why it’s much easier to let the skin and face rest during summer. But there are of course simple makeup looks that are summer-friendly, like the ones listed below. Here’s three gorgeous makeup looks summer 2020: 

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Makeup Looks Summer 2020

Peachy Eyelids

I’ve talked about the peachy makeup trend on numerous occasions. It’s such a simple way of adding some life to your face without going crazy. The peachy makeup trend works for the lips, the cheeks and even the eyelids. The makeup look below is a chic example of how you can do the peachy eyelids the summer! Keep your base light and fresh, define your eyebrows and put some peach eyeshadow on your lids. It’s quite trendy to go for only one color, but you can shade a bit with a lighter and a darker color! 

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Soft Smokey

The smokey eye is a timeless makeup look. For summer though, it’s not always a good idea to go for a full makeup look. But how about going for a soft smokey look? Going for a dark grey instead of black will definitely ease the look, also not going too hard with the eyeliner will help creating a soft hue. Love that there’s a vague hint of metallic in the eyeshadow, creating a more glam impression. When choosing lipstick, choose a color close to your own in order to avoid a messy makeup look. 

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Matching Lips & Nails

Well, long time readers of The Fashion Folks knows that my favorite makeup look ever is matching lips and nails. It’s just such a cute way of going more colorful and keeping the outfit nice and cohesive. Love this clean look below. Gorgeous with the bright shade of red, working both for nails and lips. Let’s not forget the lipliner this summer either, it creates such a forceful, shaped look. Also, gorgeous to keep the base light and dewy. Would probably work with some soft pink hues on the cheeks, but I like it this way too! 

Folks! What are your thoughts on these makeup looks summer 2020? Let me know in the comments below! Xx

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12 thoughts on “3 Gorgeous Makeup Looks 2020

  1. Beautiful Make up summer looks. It doesn’t make that much difference in the UK as summers don’t get that hot. I do love a chic match of a lipstick/lipgloss and nails.

  2. My makeup has been pretty minimal so far this summer, but these looks make me want to do a little more playing. 🙂 I love the peachy lids especially, that is one I could totally try right now!

  3. Hey Mia, hope you’re having a nice summer so far 🙂

    I can imagine that wearing make up in summer is difficult and tricky, specially in places with humidity. It is difficult to even have your regular skincare routine and in my case I have to change many of the regular things I use and go for watery textures.

    But as you showed us here there are no limits and I think make us has to do a lot with creativity and experimentation right? I loved the idea of matchings tones with nails, sounds easy but I’d say is a very nice and useful resource! On the other hand I have heard that there products that help you to keep your looks for hours, like some mists that can also be refreshing in the hottest hours 🙂

    1. Yeah, there’s setting sprays and pads to remove excess sweat and so on but honestly, I still feel like the makeup gets too cakey or sweaty and melting. I think, if you can, you should let your skin/face rest on the hottest summer’s days! Xx

  4. My favorite is the matching lips and nails, too! I’ve done it before, also with red. It makes a subtle impact. The red lips I’ve sported weren’t as glossy as the above look, which I’d love to try. I usually wear a more matted red, but for summer, that glossy look is so pretty. I haven’t worn much makeup this season, but I’ve read tips on wearing cream based makeup because it’s less likely to melt and look messy. If I knew I’d be going out a lot this summer, I’d try it out. Perhaps I might anyway if I can find a good sale on some products I’ve been wanting to try. The concept seems plausible, right? I’d love to try a peachy look. It’s one of those shades that look great on everyone and pops so beautifully against a tan, too! Thanks for sharing these ideas, girl. I hope you’re having a wonderful week!


    1. The matching makeup and nails is so good indeed! It really pulls the outfit together without getting too detailed and complicated. I’m not wearing makeup either this summer, haha might as well let the face really rest! Xx

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