3 Fashion Rules To Break Asap

We all know by now that fashion rules are meant to be learned so you can break them later. But even though this principle is of importance for the limitless creativity fashion lives by, it’s easy to forget to break the rules. So here’s a reminder: 3 fashion rules to break asap!

Awkward Color Combinations

OBS! Disclaimer, I’m very partial as I write this post as I wear red and yellow at this very moment, but ehrm, it’s fetch okey? Awkward color combinations is something you either love or hate. I love awkward color combinations and I’m happy to break them at any given chance. The awkward color combinations are a matter of subjectivity. However, here are some general ones people normally avoid: Red and yellow, lime green and brown, and also orange and purple. (here’s also another post on awkward/unexpected color combinations).

Red and yellow has a fast food touch to it (sigh), but when matched right it gives a perfect retro vibe. Try a mustard yellow top and bright red cigarette pants and you’ll feel the 50s! Lime green is an awkward and – forever alone – color on its own. When worn it’s usually matched with black, white or silver metallic. But the shade is more than good in combination with brown too. Especially dark brown! I talked more about pairing neon with brown in this post! Lastly: some people think orange and purple is a genius combination while others thinks it’s too much Halloween. I think it works and I think one can pull it off any time of the year. I’d go for dark purple and a popping orange to make the color balance even. And oh, if you’re uncertain, just look at this Gucci collection from 2011! *heart eyes emoji*

Socks and shoes

Regarding socks and shoes it’s only in the last couple of years they’ve become a fashion detail to count on (again). Not only classical as in socks and sneakers, but also socks and peep-toe or socks and flats! The most popular way of doing it these days is with fishnet socks. I’d say you go for statement socks in fun colors and prints too. Preferably in a fun and matching contrast to the shoes you’re working!

Remove one item

I’ve stated on several occasions that one trick for a more pulled together look is to remove one item before you head out. I’ve also stated that you should also add a detail before you head out for a more fun look. Being all contradictory here, I love both options but my more-is-more heart, is of course here for the latter. When deciding on the final outfit, take an extra look and see what fun detail you can add in order to get a more fashionable look. Is it a hat, a belt, a scarf, a vest or a faux fur ball to the bag? The fashionistas of the fashionistas are often praised for their ability of details, so if you want to climb the fashion latter – definitely break the rule of removing one item! More chocolate, more sleep, more guacamole, more fashion – we know that more is more is a better way of life!

Folks! Which fashion rule do you love to break? Drop a comment below! Xx

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67 thoughts on “3 Fashion Rules To Break Asap

  1. Always love your tips babe – the awkward color combination is great!!! I just discovered that there is a lot of red with pink combos lately, which might looks weird first sight but now I am a total fan of it!!! 🙂

    Have a great Valentines Day, Love ♥


  2. Hehe loving the fun feels of this post! I’m definitely not a girl that is very comfortable with paring awkward color combos. In fact. I don’t wear a ton of color in my outfits but I’m hoping to play a lil more with it this year. I still feel that I will always come back to a neutral color palette though, it’s more after my own heart =). I do like to add to my outfit though. Accessories, hats, fishnets with my slip ons, the smallest of details always count!

    Rina Samantha

    1. I know you don’t, but I’m sure you can find great fashion rules to break that are not including colors! But I think your haircolor is a gorgeous one for colorful outfits nonetheless, so I’m sure you can go for it! Xx


  3. I’d say I break fashion “rules” by wearing black and/or blue-brown-etc together. Is that even a rule anymore, LOL? Also, I feel like your last sentence “More chocolate, more sleep, more guacamole, more fashion” should be a motivational poster or something, haha. So true!

    Kathryn • simplykk.com

  4. Hehe, I love the “add a thing” idea too–more chocolate too, all the way : ) I also like odd color combinations, although I’m not as daring as I used to be.
    Have a great weekend!!

  5. Hehe I love this post! I suppose red and yellow are the colours used for some fast food chains but I love mustard yellow and as you know I’ve been sorting some lime green and purple lately! I’d like to be brave enough to wear statement socks or sandals with socks but I’m not sure I’m there yet 🙂

  6. I love to break fashion rules, and these are all great ideas! My favorite rule to breaks is with socks, of course. They’ve swiftly become my favorite accessories to play with.

    Have a great weekend Mia!

    Amber – amberelb.com

  7. I agree with all you’ve stated here, girl! I think when it comes to color combinations, it’s easier to pull off those awkward ones when the pieces themselves look so good paired together, the structures that is. There have been times I’ve looked at two colors and thought now way, but then there have been times that I’ve actually headed out the door in those two colors in one look because the pieces married so well, making the colors look harmonious, too! I’ve yet to get a pair of fishnet socks, but it’s a style I really want to try because I love the contrast so much, especially with pumps! Thanks so much for sharing, beauty, and I hope you have a great weekend ahead!



  8. Yes to all these, I love especially the colour pairing. I’m trying hard to get out of my comfort zone with adding more accessories and colours. Have a lovely weekend. Gemma x

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