3 Daily Fashion Habits To Improve Your Style

You know all the quotes that are about improving your life and that change lies within daily habits? Well, those quotes (but less dramatic, of course) can be implemented in your life when it comes to fashion too. Improving your style can be about making small changes everyday that will slowly put you ahead. Drastic changes, such as cleaning your wardrobe, can be good too, but your style always come back to the choices you make everyday when you get dressed and the planning around it. So what are the things you need to improve when it comes to daily fashion habits? Well, how about trying these:

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Daily Fashion Habits

Planning: Decide Your Outfit In Advance

The first thing to do is to plan your outfit in advance. That means that you the night before knows what clothes to choose the morning after. This will help you immensely when it comes to a time management perspective but also reduce the amount of stress as there’s one less decision to make. I have no doubt that the majority of us have experienced that nothing fits, nothing looks good and you have to leave in five minutes. Of course this can happen when you’ve planned your outfit too, but it’s less likely for sure. With that said, take a few minutes the night before and put together an outfit. You can write it down so you’ll remember it, or even better to put your clothes together. By planning in advance you’re less likely to stress your outfit choices and can therefore be more thoughtful with the colors/textures/details you’re pairing!

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Doing: Make Sure It’s Good

The best thing would be to do this step the night before, but I get it, few people (definitely not me), are capable of being this ambitious with their outfits. The step is simply about getting dressed and improve your outfit. Perhaps it’s about adding a belt to your dress, or a pair of earrings to go with your bracelets. Maybe you’ll realize that your outfit will be better with some sneakers instead of boots. You get the point. This step can be difficult to plan for in advance as it’s more about seeing and feeling the outfit rather than “thinking it”. It can also be about fashion mishaps. Maybe that knitted sweater is itching too much or you’ve forgotten that the blouse never stays in its place? As you’ve already decided your outfit’s core the previous night, adjusting the details won’t take too long!

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Checking: Make Sure It’ll Work

This step is another step that you can’t do until it’s the same day and you’re wearing the outfit. If the previous step was about the style of your look, this step is more about function. Will it work for all the activities you have today? Is it appropriate for the weather outside? Do I have to bring a blouse so I can change top later before the dinner with friends? Perhaps a raincoat instead of a trench coat?  Or add a scarf if it’s colder than what you expected? This step is that final check that it will work for the day and the current weather situation. You can of course plan this step in advance, checking your schedule and the weather situation before, but I’m a big fan of checking things one final time before they’re decided. So once you’re dressed and ready to go, make a final run through: will this work? What’s easily forgotten is that style is not only about the appearance, but also about the function. Your style can only be that good if you show up with wrong clothes for the wrong occasion. You have to be able to plan and adapt!

Folks! Do you do any of these daily fashion habits to improve your style? Let me know in the comments!

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